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  1. 'PlanetPage' yes, I love all of the photos from Singapore...Joseph is very well informed of Press in Singapore, I am sure he can lead to further details....... I came across these while researching Singapore Sixties at the National Archives. They are reprints from a pop magazine called Radio Weekly which no longer exists. They never credited the photographers who took the pictures. The challenge would be to find the photographer and also to determine if they are still alive or have passed on. This was 43 years ago.
  2. 'Alice75' timestamp Thank you very much for excellent info and photos! - Not at all. Irony was in 1970 Led Zeppelin declined to come to Singapore which would have meant having a haircut as long hair was frowned upon in Singapore. Our loss. Regards. Joseph.C.Pereira
  3. JImmy Page was a member of the Yardbirds when they played Singapore in January 1967. The line up was Keith Relf (vocals, harmonica), Jimmy Page (guitar), Chris Dreja (bass) and Jim McCarty. The show was held at National Theatre, with Antartics and Quests supporting. By all accounts the show was a success. The band and Jimmy was in fine form and quitea few musicians who were in the audience picked up pointers on the direction music was going. Besides the show they paid a courtesy visit to EMI's studio at McDonald House in Orchard. EMI presented them a couple of EPs and Singles by their Sing
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