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  1. Led Zeppelin: A band that broke the rules and set the standards.
  2. Of course you could start with the 1st album and go through the remaining ones in order. But, that wouldn't be the gist of this thread...how about going and get yourself a copy of Led Zeppelin II. This is the album that knocked Abbey Road of the top of the charts. From what I've read it was mainly recorded while the band was on the road touring, and they grabbed whatever studio time they could in whatever city they happened to be in at the time. Great record, guitar riff heavy, Plant wailing, blues, drum solo, Heartbreaker..."The Brown Bomber" will not disappoint.
  3. Kashmir, from the Knebworth shows, my favorite by far.
  4. I've heard some of this, it was on something titled "Physically Present". Had a version of Kashmir that sounded like it was just Page and Bonham. In the Light sounded like the intro was on a piano that Mozart would play, and it also had an almost completely different set of lyrics. It was definately interesting, but as for who stole them or compromised them, I have no clue.
  5. I suppose I agree with Alice, and I think I'm starting to understand Plant's angle, so I confirmed I still don't know what to think about this whole idea of the surviving members of Led Zeppelin ever teaming up for a project that wouldn't be Led Zeppelin, as it couldn't be for the glaring obvious reason, but might sound Zeppelin-ish, but maybe not as they seem to be off in different musical directions...but wait! doesn't that sound familiar? From stories you read in books about Zeppelin, no not Hammer of the Gods, it seems Plant was into this, and Page was into that, and Jones was going to qui
  6. My favorite song from the soundtrack/film is Dazed and Confused, my second choice would have to be The Ocean from the DVD.
  7. You lost me. I wasn't bitching. Also, I did see Plant in concert during the Shakin and Stirred tour in Toronto 1985, no Zeppelin tunes and a Honeydripper encore. But yeah anyway, you lost me.
  8. My favorite Zeppelin album is Physical Graffiti, most often anyway.
  9. He's probably had to answer it a million times, that comes with being the lead singer for arguably the greatest rock band of all time. What I'm asking is, if he's supposedly moving forward, why look to the past for the Band of Joy and the feather? It just seems contradictory to me, maybe I'm trying to find some unknown reason as to why they couldn't just rejoin forces to create new music, so yeah, why not? Why not join up with Page, Jones, and Bonham to create new music? I guess what I'm trying to find is something more than just, they aren't in the same place musically.
  10. I have listened to The band of Joy, Percy's latest non-Zep effort. When I listen to this, I like it alot, but I still can't help but ask....couldn't Page, Jones, and Bonham have played this? Sounds like music that would have influenced Page and Jones in their teens. I know Plant has tried everything possible to distance himself from the shadow of the Zeppelin, and wants to continue moving forward....but isn't this the title of a band he was in before Zeppelin? How is that going forward? Also the symbol of the back of the CD, offshoot from Led zeppelin's untitled 4th LP? Sounds like there is so
  11. Sorry for the confusion, I didn't mean I missed it on the list, I meant I missed the entire guitar solo in the actual song. There isn't one.
  12. Call me crazy, and I could be wrong here, but where is the guitar solo in "The End" by The Beatles? Did I miss something?
  13. I suggest listening to the albums in order, that way you get to listen to how the band evolved through their career. I also suggest getting a copy of the Led Zeppelin DVD as this is done chronologically as well. Last but not least, enjoy your musical trip and be prepared to be blown away.
  14. My pick goes to The Song remains the Same. Love the guitar work, Bonham and Jones locked in, this song really takes off, love it. One of my faves all time, no question.
  15. Can I borrow $680?....Actually, if I could get the question out without sounding like a buffoon, I'd ask if I could buy him a cup of coffee, if he had 5 minutes time to spare. If not, just thank him and wish him well.
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