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  1. One thing I find kind of funny. Last year when Washington DC got all that snow, people were quick to denounce warming because of that. Don't they know it actually snows more when the temperature is closer to 32F than when it's 15F ? But because of all the white stuff, people think it's colder. I'd wager that those days that snowed so heavily had actually been colder in previous years, just no snow to accentuate and hyperbolize the winter conditions.
  2. Mine is actually tucked away under my numnuts, but that's another issue.
  3. I thought Paint came on all computers. Oh well. Try another as mush, I mean, Liz suggested. It's easy as pie once you do it.
  4. I reduce all my windows so only my desktop is showing. I open Paint, then reduce it. I then push my alt key and my print screen key simultaneously enlarge Paint again and hit my Ctrl and v key and the image shows up on Paint. Then I 'save image as' give it the name 'desktop' (for instance) and put it in my pictures. Then I open another window to tinypic and upload that 'desktop' picture to it and post it on the board. Your print screen key may say prnt scr or something like that...look on the upper right of your keyboard.
  5. Just around the corner, my own picture of course,
  6. Not unless she's into intellectually analyzing your lovemaking abilities! As Adrian Belew once said at a KC concert, "Women who love King Crimson ?, Kind of like Jumbo-Shrimp !"
  7. I made an idoltry comparison. To idolize is ridiculous, whether it be toward Jimmy Page or a performer on a TV show. I can't speak for Jahfin, but to be a member here doesn't mean you have to bow down to the band or members. Hero worship is way overrated and absurd. I can understand idol worship if you're an 11 year old Puerto Rican girl fawning over pictures of Menudo.
  8. That's maturity? Same as the obsession with American Idol, ridiculous.
  9. MMmmmeehhhh I'd rather Roger and Dave climb up over the wall and get it on with Atom Heart Mother. The Wall was easily the most boring output of the original Pink Floyd. It's of no interest to me.
  10. It just shows he was a nut. Most genius's are. Consulted Stephen Hawking lately?
  11. Something has changed over time. What was once cool is now geeky and visa-versa. Around my High School back in the day, none of the geeky nerds I saw were into Rock and the whole lifestyle. Maybe they were and didn't show it, but much of the lifestyle was about exhibitionism, outlandish and risky behavior. Conservatism IS a dichotomy to that phenomena. The conservatives will just say how they can separate the lifestyle from the music. I see it all emcompassing myself.
  12. He's already written a new number while in the slammer, Wake me up before you come come It just ooozes from his renewed hardened talent, doesn't it ?
  13. Preliminary reports are that his new album will be entitled, Raise your head out of the Sand
  14. People are talking about being 'ripped off" as if the book is already in their hands and they're reacting. There's been no ACTION yet to react to. No one's got the book yet, right? Wait to pass judgement.
  15. If the global warming debate causes changes in energy production, that is, implementing renewable resources such as gravity-magnetic-solar-wind-ocean currents etc. I"m all for it. About the world heating up, I'd much rather see it cooling down. It's much easier to adapt, just put on more clothes. Excessive heat doesn't do anything any good.
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