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    Rolling Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, King Crimson, jethro Tull, Pescado Rabioso, Crucis, Aquelarre, Color Humano, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Frank Zappa<br />Need i metion The Beatles? <br /><br />Basically I'm interested in music, just music

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  1. Here comes the sun- not by the beatles but by Nina Simone
  2. I just got myself a vinyl player. My mom and dad had gotten rid of theirs when they bought the CD player.
  3. I can't really say I like The Doors, I like one or two songs, even though all my boyfriends ( not that i have that many, but you know my ex too) really love them and wear t shirts with Morrison's face and everything. I think that if Jim wasn't so good looking the doors wouldn't have recieved so much attention and wouldn't be considered siuch rock and roll legends. I agree with Lester Bangs: "The Doors? Jim Morrison? He's a drunken buffoon posing as a poet. Give me the guess who. They got the courage to be drunken buffoons, which makes them poetic." My fave song by the Doors is Alabama Son
  4. Same here, I was also born after his death too. Still I think it must have been a hell of a show, even if the only played 45 mins. rite?
  5. Penny Lane


    Hello, Luigi, wellcome. my mother is italian and a zep fan. i ve never been there though, must be so cool.
  6. Wellcome, hope to read you arround!
  7. Me too, i just can't help it, if i like a moovie i watch it enough times to know it by heart.
  8. Rock and Roll died in the 80s sometimes we think it's recovering from the mortal coma it's in, but it's just an ilusion, just the ghost of Rock telling us to remeber, to keep taking care of it, in the hopes that it'll wake up and live again Maybe if all of us make a wish... my point is, since rock became an industry, it lost its spirit, so if i had to choose the best band of the 90s i could, and it'll most likely be Soundgarden, but i can't speak of the best Rock and Roll band of the 90s.
  9. Hello and wellcome love your avy.
  10. 01/30/88 I turn 20 in a few months
  11. Here's me kissing tiny flowers, But all that lives is born to die.
  12. Hello and wellcome, I'm new here myself.
  13. I've been into Zep for 12 years now. I'm 19 and new to this forum me too, looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the three...
  14. Let's spend the night together- rolling stones, live 98 Perfect Sense - Roger watters live in 2002 Athom Heart Mother- Pink Floyd WLL- I was 7 when i finally got hold of a record player and I tried my father's old records, zepII changed my life and made me the person I'm today. Immigrant Song Misty Mountain hop Post Crucifixión- Pescado Rabioso ( I really encourage all of you to download this track if you don't know it) There are lots of songs that changed my life, but i can't just name 10, if i continue I'll go on for ages, so have those few.
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