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  1. Looks like there will be several of us at The International Hotel, Canary Wharf Tube, 163 Marsh Wall. Probably will be in the Lobby/Bar Saturday Evening! Come on by... and we'll find a nearby Pub to enjoy life Saturday Night. We'll leave messages at the Front Desk should we move anything to a place away from the Hotel. ~kc
  2. Here's what they're saying... Led Zeppelin: The Best of Live Rating: Running time: 120 minutes Director(s): Cast: Released on: 10/12/2007 BOOK NOW Synopsis In what promises to be the concert of the decade on 10th December, Led Zeppelin are back and will headline at the O2 Arena Tribute Concert to the Late Ahmet Ertegun. Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones will be joined by Jason Bonham, the son of their late drummer John Bonham for this historic concert of a lifetime that sold out in record time. To celebrate this event, Vue cinemas have teamed up with
  3. SUPERNAUT! I'm in complete agreement on the date/time/place! Heck... everyone who reads this... come on by the International (163 Marsh Wall) Hotel.
  4. CANUCK22! You're ADDED and.... you are at the same hotel we are! The International Hotel is going to ROCK! ~kc
  5. Updated Page 1 this morning (December 4th) at 8:25am Central US Time. The excitement is building! Looks like we now where a lot of people are going to be staying, arriving at Heathrow/Gatwick! Let's keep it going! ~kc
  6. Hey AndyW!! What part of Dallas Area? We're over in Fort Worth. Will be arriving on Saturday morning and staying at the same hotel - the International Hotel. Sounds like a plan on Sunday night! ~kc
  7. We're packing our bags and ready to fly from North America over to London. Looking at the weather forecast, it looks like nothing but rain! Does the O2 have a policy on allowing Umbrellas into the arena?
  8. DialDUI - WOW! VIP Tix! How did you score THOSE tickets! Very cool! Haven't seen any others on your flight, but, we'll keep our eyes/ears open! See ya there! ~kc
  9. If I remember correctly, when Apple had their iTunes contest for tickets to the concert, they advertised that the winner would also be attending an exclusive Rehersal on the 9th. I could be wrong, but it seems that was one of the benefits of winning. It was the iTunes contest for everyone who pre-ordered the Zeppelin music catalog released this month. Good for them to go through it Live once before the 10th! Makes things even better the night of the Concert! Just my random thoughts/opinions, I could be wrong! ~kc
  10. No worries, my friend! Life is wonderful! We all get pissed every now and again... and takes a heck of a person to publicly apologize. My hat's off to you! Now... let's just enjoy the heck out of the countdown to the concert! ~kc
  11. leddy! Thanks for the nice welcome! Can't wait to get there! Find me! We'll make a toast... my treat! ~kc
  12. Fantastic! Do you know your flight #, or where you might be staying while in London? Or, what day you actually arrive in to London? ~kc
  13. John (my son) is doing the same thing... busily taking t-shirt orders. We're going to end up taking home a duffle bag full of t-shirts, hoodies! I certainly commiserate the "going on 35" statement! Why didn't we have cool Dads like US??!?
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