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  1. What's this mean? (From that same link...) He ain't dissin' Catholics, is he? I mean, he can diss aspects of it and he can diss Tony Blair, but, like, don't diss me, man. C'mon.
  2. I don't know about Mr. Plant being a better singer after Zep, just cuz I always think he sounds great... But better lyricist? Indeed. His writing got better. And it wasn't too bad in the 70s, either. I used to be hard on him, but I think I get it now.... And Mr. Plant woulda been a great teacher! I gave it some thought. I've listened to some bootlegs... "Good evening." *crowds murmurs* "No, I said "Good evening!" *crowd murmurs more clearly* "That's better..." It just makes me wanna sing "Good Morning to All" and give him an apple.
  3. I disappeared for awhile there! Work has been killer... I'd like to come back to this topic and murder it myself. I am so embarrassed to say that Duran Duran was an alright band in the early nineties. Weird. The "Wedding Album" is what it was called, I think, but that wasn't the official title. I don't know the whole story there... Anyway. I like "Come Undone." I still listen to that! The mods are armed?! I get what you're saying! You are right. Agreed. Thank you everyone else for contributing to the topic! I was truly interested, and I loved the answers. (Edited for crazy grammar problems!)
  4. Dude, that's jacked up. If that really is Plant's attitude -- and who knows if it is -- it's probably indicative of something like PTSD, which is a nasty disorder to suffer from. I work with people who have it, and it causes tremendous pain that can last years -- with therapy. It's insulting to hear someone say that he needs to just go to therapy and get over it, because there's tons of people out there who feel they're owed a new Zeppelin. Ughh... Oh, the humanity! I'm all irritated now.
  5. Owain Glyndwr!! My great-great-great-great-grandma's name was Polly Owen, and she's descended from Mr. Glyndwr's sister. So thank you, Wales for Owain and his father Gruffydd Vychan IV, because that's why I'm here. Also thank you Wales for your butt-kicking mythology and artwork. I believe King Arthur was Welsh, so thanks for Camelot.
  6. I was wondering who that lady was that Planty was with! (In the halfstache pic.) I've never heard of Sunny Griffin, but I shall investigate forthwith. He appears to be wearing the same clothes he wore in this pic: And I wanna say this was taken in Europe somewhere... (Denmark?)... in 1971? Oh, and I didn't get that pic of him and his wifey from the FamilyZepp site, but I know which site you're talking about. I try to keep track of where I get some of these pics, but I can't remember where I got that one. If you save the pics I post, I have notes attached to them. Sometimes the URL where I found them. Oftentimes they have goofy tags attached to them, too, and they're sure to weird people out!
  7. Kayte


    Oh, praise the Lord! I have a couple questions I've been dying to ask, but there's no easy way to bring it up. It's actually a pretty serious topic, and I'd love any kinda feedback. For real. This is work-related and grave. What is mental health treatment like in the UK? (Hopefully you guys are crazy enough to know.) I've heard from a few different British people who suffer from mental illnesses that it's difficult to get what you need. Like, they don't take you very seriously, they're less likely to diagnose you with something that requires expensive treatment, and they're less likely to refer you to counseling. (All this is coming from people who are irritated with the system, though.) How does the government handle child abuse? Like, in the US, each state has Child Protective Services (sometimes called other things like Department of Children and Families or something.) If a kid's being abused, someone calls up that office and makes a report and then an investigation is opened. Unfortunately, some states are better than others at handling reports. For instance, Texas.... well... if you wanna beat your kids, go to Texas. That's kinda how I see it sometimes. So is it like that in the UK? ('Cept hopefully better than Texas?) How common is it for kids to get treated bad by their parents? I know that's a broooaaaaad question, so think of it sorta like... If a friend of yours at school said he got hit by his dad and had to sleep at a friend's house last night, would you be like a) wow, rough home life, or b ) holy crap! Someone needs to call CPS and get this kid some help!? Does everybody freakin' drink over there, too? What's rehab like? Easy to get into? Affordable? Is it common for kids to get wasted even when they're still in junior high? Like when they're 13 or 14? (That totally happens in the States, too, but usually the kids are in high school when they start getting drunk.) Here's why I'm asking all this, and I'm going to try to stay vague: I work with kids and teenagers who are in crisis, some of our services are web-based, and we'll get kids from different countries contacting us over the Internet sometimes. Mostly they're from England, sometimes from Ireland or Australia. The nature of their crises is often pretty grave, but I think we tend to get those kindsa kids because they know we're in the US and it's harder for us to find them and help them. It's easier for them to stay anonymous. Well, we want to help them, but it's hard when you don't understand the social services over there. They're sorta outta focus, cuz our organization is totally States-based, but we help them anyway of course. (And obviously my workplace has no idea I'm writing this on a message board, so here's hoping they don't find out! But I trust you guys for some good ideas.)
  8. My father always told me you couldn't walk on the wing of a plane, and I so wanted to! He musta said it just to keep me off his plane! Cool pic, though, regardless. Here's a question that's probably easily answered, but I need help. Regarding these two shots... I thought for a long time they were from the Gold Record Awards shindig on Dec 11, 1969. But the pics don't quite match with those. Behold: So where's the two earlier ones from? Thank you!
  9. Part Two You had to carry your crap around with you all day? Holy hell! Absolutely true! I wasn't around back then, but I'm thinking it was mostly racism that kept blues unpopular. The majority (white folks) didn't listen to "black music." That's still a common mentality today, too, for some people. There's an ass-kicking collection of American folk music by Alan Lomax. Here's hoping Mr. Plant listened to it during his Raising Sand period. Lomax is well-known for going around and recording folk music in the 30s and 40s, and the stuff he captured is incredible. I wanna say that "Po' Lazarus" from the O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack is one of his, but I can't remember offhand. His stuff sounds like that, though. But here's the thing -- apparently it was his English wife who convinced him to make the recordings. Dude, America had all this great music, but we couldn't see it. It took Papa Britain to point it out. What the hell? Here are Library of Congress links for Alan Lomax. You must look at them! Alan Lomax CollectionTraditional Music and Spoken Word Catalog (type in "Alan Lomax" and you'll see all his stuff)American Memory music collections -- I believe there are a lot of Lomax's recordings in there. So, yeah, I'm personally indebted to Zep for the blues. I couldn't have gotten into Bukka White without Mr. Plant. Y'know why I asked that question? This is a stupid reason. I was watching The Venture Bros., and In Through The Out Door is a running motif in the series. One of the characters is a Zep fan (he has part of the Swan Song Icarus-guy tattooed on his shoulder, but he got jumped by henchmen before it could be finished! lol.) At one point he's asking another character not to put on ITTOD and says, "Zep sold out on that one." I was like And he's depicted as a huge Zep fan, so I wanted to know if there really were Zep fans out there who thought like that. Yes, I was inspired to ask that question after watching cartoons. Wasn't it popular to wear really tight jeans back then? If so, there must have been some obvious junk visible everywhere, right? Yeah, most guys I know are like, "Oh, shit!" when they see Mr. Plant in those jeans, but in nowadays' sexual climate, it's like porn to me. Women are objectified way worse, I think, and dudes.... man are guys in bands getting uglier? Good point.... BUK, I'm gonna read more from that link you posted. Thanks for all the details! Super good point! Divorce and Zep as a coping mechanism. I work as a crisis counselor now, and I have repeatedly talked people out of suicide by using Zeppelin. Not kidding. And they're people of all ages and backgrounds. That's awesome to get a firsthand account of the Tampa show, cuz I always think of "riot" when I think of that one. Yeah, I can see that. Like, I was born in '80, and I remember that Scooby-Doo got more and more embarrassing as the 80s progressed. Bell-bottoms were illegal. I can imagine Zeppelin looked temporarily unfashionable at that point. Interesting! I remember my father talking about "the English Ford." He said there was a car on the market in... the 50s? Maybe? It was English, and it was horrible. It was kinda like the Yugo, apparently. (Remember the Yugo!) But he also was quick to say, "But they were still recovering from the war back then!" So I guess that's a typical American view of what the British might have been feeling in the 50s. They felt like the Yugo. (No offense! It's just stupid thinking....) Deborah, your answers were really cool! What awesome parents! And what a cool place to grow up and listen to music! Pre-Katrina New Orleans! Hahahaha! Y'never know, though. You may have planted the seed. So did Australians feel rooked that Zep only toured once over there? Alright, my eyes hurt. Gotta go!
  10. Part One Nope, just curious. I just finally got my degree in sociology/anthropology, so I'm sorta hard-wired to ask these kindsa questions. A lot of you guys might think I'm asking for mundane details, but when you've gone on an archeological dig and can't tell that your recently-unearthed artifact is a buggy spring, you realize that the mundane details are crucial, y'know? Fer example... the AM/FM radio thingy you guys are talking about is confusing me. Lemme get a good image here to help elaborate on my confusion... I never listened to much radio, but I never realized how FM grew in popularity over the 70s. I'll have to ask my parents about it... I'm having dinner with them tonight, I think. Well! Now I have more questions! And I read every word you guys wrote and loved it all. I saved the responses. Dunno why, but they just seem real important. Like, you guys have a unique perspective that kids born after Bonzo passed aren't going to have. (I was born four months before...) So here we go! I was gonna ask about this! How was Zep perceived in the 80s? I started listening to music when I was about eight (1988,) and I wasn't listening to anything closely. Like, The Bangles, Poison, Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, Madonna, Heart (in their 80s era,) etc. There was no mention of Zeppelin anywhere. It wasn't until the late nineties that I started wondering who they were. Also, as I said before, I didn't listen to the radio much, so... I never heard "Stairway to Heaven" until I got one of their CDs in, like, 2001. Late-bloomer. Hahahaha! My father only once saw me watching The Song Remains the Same (like, nine years ago,) and the only thing he said was, "He sure is a pretty man. " And he's from the Zep generation! There was a storyline in The Song Remains the Same?! I'll be waitin', pardner. But then... a lot of people complain that things haven't been as good musically since Zep. Like, does anyone compare to them? What bands do you think benefited from Zeppelin's trailblazing? (And that's a sincere question. I need to listen to more varieties of music.) And on that note.... Any Middle Eastern music you'd recommend to Led Zeppelin fans? I used to know a girl from Saudi Arabia, and she introduced me to a couple different songs that were really good! There was, like, a Moroccan pop song called.. uh... صبرى عليك طال... that I really liked! It's by Rajaa Belmlih from 1994. You know it? You know any like it? It's so pretty. THANK YOU! I asked a British girl who was in her thirties why blues became so popular over there, and she said it was because of (probably African-)American GIs bringing it over during World War II. She wasn't a Zep fan or anything, so she's not looking at it from a Zep perspective... if that makes any sense whatsoever. World War II is most likely viewed differently over here in the U.S. In fact, I've got this idea that Americans see the very concept of war differently from Europeans. So even though America and Britain both fought in that war, there's got to be significant differences in how the war is remembered -- even collectively. When I first started listening to Zep, I started wondering how important WWII history was to the music. It had to have played an important but indirect part. (Gotta post a "part two" cuz I got so many quote boxes...)
  11. (Hopefully I've put this in the right section of the board... Please move if not, moderator. ) Led Zeppelin is obviously still really relevant, and they probably will be for generations to come. However, we can learn a lot from the first generation to really love Zep, especially since they were the ones who made them rich and famous. So please -- talk to us whippersnappers, old timers. (I mean "old timers" with all due respect.) Fill us in on how Zeppelin fit in with the social and historical context of the time. For example: Was a Led Zeppelin concert different back then from a concert nowadays? And how so?What Zep songs do you remember being played on the radio? All of 'em?Was The Song Remains the Same in a theater near you and did you see it?Did the kids talk about Zep a lot at school? Hang their pics up in their lockers? Draw ZOSO all over everything?What did your parents think? Was it "noise" to them? Evil? Stupid?Where did you hear news about Zep? Was it primarily the radio, magazines, newspapers? Which magazines?What was the other music of the time like? Why did Zep stand out?Did the cultural impact of the Vietnam War have anything to do with Led Zeppelin's popularity or timing?Hippies. How did they figure in? Were they more of a 60s or 70s phenomenon? Did hippies like Zep?Did you ever get the sense that Zep was selling out at any point? Do you remember people getting mad when their sound changed over the course of the years?When the surviving Zeppelins began to work solo, what did you think? Especially in regards to Robert's solo career, Coverdale-Page, The Firm, etc.If Zep were coming to your town, was everyone talking about it?What were the reactions people had when they heard about the big tragic events in Zep history? Especially Bonham's passing?What about modern British history? How did Zeppelin factor into that? Why were the kids listening to blues over there? When the Zeppelins were younger (like, little kids in the 50s,) were the effects of World War II still lingering? What was the economy like? In America, we stopped rationing right after the war, but was that true in Britain?If I recall correctly, Jonesy and Jimmy are from the London area and Robert and Bonzo are from the Birmingham area. How are those two regions different culturally? Different accents? Different outlooks? How do they see each other? Does one region look down on another region?Zeppelin seemed irritated at the limited airplay they got in Britain. How did they get famous over there? Were they more of an underground thing? Did a lot of kids know about them? There are tons of other questions, but these are just ideas or guidelines to get you thinking. So if you feel like spinning some yarns, please do so! So many of us only know Led Zeppelin as a band that we were just too young to see live.
  12. Kayte

    Thank You France

    That's what I was gonna say. Did you know that the Statue was regifted, though? It was sposed to go to Egypt, but they couldn't afford it. So the US was their second pick. According to some crap I heard on The History Channel, so who knows how true it is. So thanks for picking us second, France! lol
  13. Yeah, he doesn't seem to be hugging a groupie. She isn't groupie-like, anyway, y'know? She's wearing a big corduroy jacket, not, like, y'know, stupid groupie crap. And from a girl's perspective... if Mr. Plant were feeling affectionate enough to draw your face towards his (with those murderer gloves!,) would you really be pouting and giving him a sorta sideways-hug? That's not a groupie hug. Or it's a groupie in an un-groupie-mood. Plus, most of the pics I've ever seen of Mr. Plant being ornery with groupies usually show him smiling like he ate the canary. 'Cept for that one at Rodney's English Disco, in which case he looks mad. To continue speculating... could he hunker like that after his car accident? That'd put pressure on your ankle for sure. I'll go ahead and blurt out the absurd thing I was thinking, even though I'm 99% sure I'm wrong and have nothing to back this with. Maybe it's his sister. Never seen a pic of her. I think she's quite a few years younger than him, and that sorta looks right in the pic. (He's 28-ish or something, and she looks sorta college-aged.) And I kinda see a resemblance... But I dunno. My brother would never hug me like that. I was gonna google around and see if I could find a pic of her, but I didn't do a very good job because I felt bad searching for her. It seems too nosy. EDIT: Oh! And to help with dating the pic, we gotta remember that phase Mr. Plant went through when he had the bangs in 1976. So this is before or after both his car accident and his bangs period.
  14. I have a wild idea about who she is... I'll do some research... Probably won't find anything, but I'll definitely let you know if I do. You guys probably already know this, but he's at the same place in this pic: I personally would totally have put this in 1975, although the hair length certainly indicates '77. That scarf's familiar, too.... Anybody gotta Retna account? Then maybe we could read the caption better? EDIT: Coulda sworn I'd seen that scarf before, but now I can't find it...
  15. Drat. I thought I'd found something unique! Also, I agree with PlanetPage -- it looks later than 1980. Can anybody gimme sauce on this pic? Who's the lady? Why's she getting so much sugar? And is it just me, or does she look like she's been crying? I found this pic (and a buncha other random ones) whilst pretending to be Russian and loitering about ledzeppelin.ru's message board. Hooray for Россия-Матушка!
  16. He looks SO GOOD now! I mean, he looked good before, but that Viking Bob look works swell. And the gray is awesome. What's that thing he's holding? That's the biggest Roman coin I ever seen. :o :o *biting knuckle* Hrm, I must contribute something... Lemme dig through my Planty stash.... (Click on it to go to the Picasa page... You can see it bigger I think.) I'm sorry, but him and his wife are adorable. All hail the halfstache!
  17. Did anybody ever get back to you about this? I think I might have a clue for ya... Hang on here... Follow this long linky: http://www.photoshot...&IMGID=06881163 Description reads: JIMMY PAGE Member of the the British rock group Led Zeppelin. Date 26.03.1980 Ref CTW111608 COMPULSORY CREDIT Starstock/Photoshot.
  18. Kayte


    English is a foreign language for you because you're from Transilvania and people talk like Dracular thar. If you're Dracular, you best be kill't. (Haha! I was watching Squidbillies.) I'm just kidding around. I know what you're saying! I cock my head like a puppy at some of the sounds in the plantations. Like... "Americur." Arrroo? *puppy head cock* It's fun to listen to! I should start (or resurrect) an "accent" thread when I have more time... I don't know the plantation you speak of, but it intrigues me... Years ago (two years ago,) this gentleman made a good recommendation: Upon visiting said site, I found some transcriptions from Knebworth: http://www.rambleonz.../1979-08-04.htm I don't know if you want the performance on the 4th or the 11th, but I think the one you want is the 11th... I think! EDIT: zdr, I suddenly started wondering if you are from Romania or something. If so... I didn't mean to offend. ... Unless you're a gypsy! Haha! No, I'm joshin'... EDIT EDIT: Cuz you seem like a native English-speaker. My foot is just waaaay in my mouth right now...
  19. c4plant, that pic is hilarious! And saved on my hard drive now. I wish I knew more about it. If I come across any clues, I'll post here directly. In the meantime, I have an easy question -- sorta. 1973. BUT it's alternately listed as being at the Hyatt in Los Angeles and also somewhere in New York City around the time of their Madison Square Garden performance at the end of the tour. Conflicting captions! I wanna put my money on California... Is that right?
  20. This is gonna be a whole lotta quantitative data to analyze; it makes me wanna womit just thinkin' about it. Good luck with your research! . . . Have you got any tattoos of Led Zeppelin and how do you feel this expresses your fandom? No. To answer the second part of your question, I suppose people who get Zep tattoos are confident with their infallible views of the band, and they must consider Zeppelin a permanent, important part of themselves... How do you feel about tribute bands, are there any that you particularly like? Never seen any, but they seem corny, so I ignore them. Have you got a favourite member of Zep and is their a particular element that drew you to his persona? Robert. Cuz he smiles a lot and seems happy and that makes me happy. What do you think makes Led Zeppelin such a special band? The band is comprised of very talented, intelligent individuals who can create impressive songs -- borrowing from various genres and cultures -- but still keep the songs honest and accessible. Do you wear particular items of clothing or model your appearance in a particular fashion. E.g. long hair, particular jeans due to your fandom? No. Any similarities between my wardrobe and Led Zeppelin's are entirely coincidental. Have you seen Led Zeppelin live and do you feel fans that have are more in touch with the band. E.g. a potential hierarchy between fans? Never seen 'em live. I don't think there's necessarily a hierarchy or social stratification amongst Zep fans. However, someone who's seen the band live will obviously be viewed as a good source of knowledge. So, it's more like an egalitarian society with a couple "big men" wandering around. How old were you when you became a fan of Zep, have they always been part of your life, or was their a special moment of discovery? I was a late-bloomer -- nineteen! Special moment of discovery? Hrm. I was just getting interested in anthropology and was hypersensitive to different cultures. I was bewildered that a British band could borrow from old Americana (Blues) and splice it with rock n' roll to create such a powerful sound. (I was also retarded, because I didn't realize other British bands did the same thing. But I like Zep best!) EDIT: Agreed! He can charm a bird off a tree. I wanna learn how to do that... I think I know what she's talking about. Note that she said before Zep she was listening to rap and hip-hop. In my opinion, good hip-hop is rare. Also, they most certainly don't play any instruments. When MTV actually roped LL Cool J into performing on Unplugged, he had no idea what he was doing. (Why they asked him to do Unplugged is a mystery to me...) Plus, if you go buy albums from the big mainstream bands, they may's well be playing with wind-up baby guitars compared to Zep. I think she's just comparing the shit-pop of today to what was making lotsa money back then, and it does seem that famous bands in the 60s and the 70s at least had more talent than pouting at the camera, lip-syncing, or whining to an unimpressive keyboard/guitar accompaniment. Course... you have to factor in The Monkees, though.
  21. He cleans up nice. And it looks like he's about to pinky-swear with someone in this shot: Can't go back on a pinky swear! Ah lurve his missin' tooth.
  22. Kayte


    Thank you for all the explanations! I really needed input from people with experience, so there wasn't any other way to get answers besides asking you folks. Right! I tried to keep in mind that a transcription isn't necessarily going to convey the whole message. (Plus, like, I dunno if it was just my upbringing, but I got in trouble as a kid every time I said "shut up," so now it sounds extra harsh.) Yeah, I thought that was part of it... I saw Mr. Plant in concert in 2002, I believe, and he made a big fuss for everyone to be quiet before "Song to the Siren." So I was thinking it was partially due to appreciation for the music, but I wasn't sure if there was something else to it. Like, a buncha times he said things like, "Everyone needs to sit down, because the people behind you can't see." And it just... seemed like church for a second. lol Cool! Thank you for putting this all into historical perspective. I'm much too foolish to be scared. Not cool indeed! And that's interesting to know about crowds in the late 60s/early 70s. Cuz, like, every culture/society seems to have different crowds. Don't people say that the kids go nuts in the UK at concerts? At least more so than in America? And it seems like I read somewhere that Zep was leery about performing in Denmark (I think) because those crowds weren't very lively. Interesting stuff... Someone should study this and get a grad degree out of it. I wonder why all the inside jokes? Perhaps to make the people he referenced feel warm and special? To bring the audience into the "inside" for a moment in an attempt at creating a feeling of intimacy? Examples of inside jokes?: Thee Image Club, Miami, FL / 14 Feb 1969 Right now we'd like to feature, um, one of Che Guevara's friends. We'd like to feature the drums of John Bonham. Musicarnival, Warrensville Heights, OH / 20 Jul 1969 And, ah, for any gate keepers in the audience... this is called "You Shook Me." And then there's a buncha stuff in the Earl's Court performances (the DVD) that is very entertaining but doesn't string together for me. Like... It sounds like he's just sorta singing to himself sometimes and then he sounds like he's quoting someone or something..?.. And then right when you think he finished a sentence that makes half a bit of sense, he tacks on a prepositional phrase that blows it to pieces. And then he'll start talking with funny accents. His Dallas accent was pretty good -- he got that dipping, back-throated A-sound out very admirably. Oh, and I didn't know who "Dennis" was at first. Suppertime! I gotta go!
  23. Kayte


    Help help! I have questions! I need the wisdom of long-time Zep fans to help me understand some things. (I just resurrected this old thread so I wouldn't have to make a new one.) I've been reading through the earlier Plantations that are cataloged over on LedZeppelin-Reference.com, and I'm confused about a coupla things. 1) Robert is always telling people to be quiet and sit down. K.B. Hallen, Copenhagen, DK / 3 May 1971: Whoa, stop stop stop, whoa, tell him, tell him, tell him to stop. Tell him if there's any trouble we walk off, right? We go. Leave him alone, leave him alone. We Can't play if there's going to be this going on through every number. Somebody better tell him in Danish what the score is. We cannot, we cannot play if there's going to be a constant passage of people moving. We'd rather people sit on the floor. So sit down. We want to give you a concert of music, and we cannot do it if there's a lot of people running around. So. Sports Arena, San Diego, CA / 3 Sep 1970: Alright, right, OK? I say, it would be very cool if you could move back a bit. All these people, they can't see. I know it's a drag, but everybody wants to see. Sit down. Just for the time being, so everybody can keep quiet. Right, so everybody can move back, so everybody can see. Remember, if you were sitting down, you'd want to see right? Now you're not quiet are you? How are we going to be able to do anything with all that squeaking? Really, please try to be quiet. The instance in Copenhagen sounds like he's partially talking to someone with the venue or security or something and partially talking to the audience. (Maybe that's what's going on in this pic? I dunno.) So I'm guessing in that instance maybe things were getting a bit too rough in the crowd? But, like, the second example from California is pretty typical of what he'd say a lot. "Everybody sit down." "Everybody shut up." I'm confused. Why does he request this? Cuz, like, it's a rock concert, right? Does this mean people are getting out of hand? And, like, there was one instance where he was getting irked with someone who was whistling... Hold on... Lemme find it... Sports Arena, San Diego, CA / 3 Sep 1970 (again): Right, if we could keep the people who whistle just whistling in between the numbers, then we can concentrate on what we're doing. ...and, from the same show... Well you better start to sit down because the next number is also an acoustic number as well. This number features Jimmy on guitar, and it's an instrumental. So could you be quiet, alright? Nothing, listen man. Alright, has anybody sat down? Right, now shut up there. Anyway, heavy heavy vibes. There's no acoustic number, sorry. How can he, he hasn't been able to tune up. Listen, you tried everything, we tried everything. He can't tune the guitar when it's only an acoustic guitar. You've all got acoustic guitars at home, and you know what it's like trying to play it with the television on. (San Diego appears to have given them trouble in retrospect.) So, if one dude in the audience is whistling, can that really throw off a performer's ear? And is it really that hard to tune a guitar when people are too noisy? (That's a sincere question! Not being sarcastic. I don't know.) So is this why he's always telling people to shut up? Why is he always telling people to sit down and shut up? That's what I want to know. 2) Is it just me, or does he not make any sense half the time? I mean, I love listening to him talk between songs, but I've recently noticed that I don't know what he's talking about. (It's such an interesting sound to an American ear, though, that it's neat to listen to anyway.) One dude in this thread said this: Is that what it is? Are they all inside jokes? Or is he completely bombed out of his mind on something? Or is that just the weird way that he describes things? ... Or am I really dense? So, yes, those are my issues that I bring forth to the sages. If anyone feels like answering...
  24. Whatta silly billy! "Zeppelin" would be an awesome last name to have, though, wouldn't it? Except for all the horns people would throw at you every time someone announced your name.
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