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  1. Shorten Dazed? That's the highlight of the movie. I was at the O2 show and as great as it was, It was nothing compared to the 73 show. The MSG show was the real Led Zeppelin in its prime.
  2. It's my all-time fave concert movie, but it's funny how obvious which parts are live and which ones are from Shepperton studios now. Probably watched it at least 50 times since 1988. Just love it!
  3. I love 10 pods. Could be used in a movie. Very emotional imo.
  4. I know the band quickly had him dispose of the double bass drum after using one for a few live shows. Did he use them though on the first two albums before he did this? Very curious (esp. on GTBT)
  5. Steve, was just watching the beginning of TSRTS. Who is third guy with a gun that enters the car with Richard Cole and Peter Grant?
  6. Seems like they used an old copy though. My DVDs have a better picture than this. Still pretty cool.
  7. Now that I am thinking about it. They never mention Neil Peart in this doc. Weird to me.
  8. I really enjoyed watching this tonight. They interview many modern day and legendary drummers and of course there is a special segment on Bonzo. Hearing greats like Chad Smith and Stewart Copeland rave about him is awesome. There are some clips from TSRTS too. Check it out!
  9. Watched the second episode last night and it was very entertaining. Started with a pic of Jimmy with a cig in his mouth from Oakland '77. Throughout the episode they interview famous photographers like Neal Preston, Ross Halfin, and Scarlett Page (for a few seconds). Other Zep photos shown were Jimmy at MSG '77, his guitar army from Oakland '77, and a pic of Robert talking to Peter Grant from Knebworth '79. Most of the episode is about iconic rock photos and how they were set up and taken (Example/the famous Johnny Cash giving the Warden the finger photo). The one pic they did not show unless I missed it was the infamous Jimmy and Robert pic from 1977 at MSG. Btw, they talk about the famous "Only use flashes for the first three songs" rule started by Rush due to Ross being "an ass". It was basically adopted by most bands after that. Too funny!
  10. Any 75 or 77 Zep show as long as they played my fave song, Trampled Under Foot.
  11. Starts around 2 minute mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCY8Iisbk04
  12. John Lennon on Zeppelin: https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/what-john-lennon-thought-was-great-about-led-zeppelin.html/
  13. Paul McCartney's Give My Regards to Broad Street
  14. Zep IV is the only album where every song was played live at least once. That's it.
  15. I see what you mean. Thanks.
  16. Why is it called the Mars section and where did Page get it from?
  17. Howard loves Robert. He had a great interview with him and basically sucked him off. Stern loves Zeppelin.
  18. Hendrix and Zep tour and the encore has Jimmy and Jimi jamming together.
  19. Love the logo but I never got the hyphen between. Never like that part but I love the font.
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