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  1. I agree with the OP. If there is more footage from Bonzo's MD solo in the TSRTS , I'd love to see it. Same with more footage of Jimmy's bow solo and the jamming part of the song, TSRTS.
  2. Damn, I would love to see this. I hope it comes to NYC.
  3. The band is good but she can't sing very well. Sorry, but it's true.
  4. Just watched a great PBS documentary on this band. I never realized how huge they were and it's pretty cool that they quit at the height of their popularity since they wanted to go out on top. At one point, they were as big or bigger in popularity than the Beatles. The DC5 were on Ed Sullivan 18 times compared to the Beatles 4 times. Very cool band!
  5. I saw them that summer after the O2 show at the Mann Music Center in Philly on 7/12/08. Great show esp. since I had second row seats right by where Robert stood most of the night. Setlist: Rich Woman (Li'l Millet and His Creoles cover) Leave My Woman Alone Black Dog (Led Zeppelin cover) Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us Through the Morning, Through the Night Goodbye So Long Fortune Teller (Benny Spellman cover) In the Mood (Robert Plant cover) Matty Groves Black Country Woman (Led Zeppelin cover) Bon Temps Rouler Trampled Rose Green Pastures Down to the River to Pray Nothin' (Townes Van Zandt cover) Battle of Evermore (Led Zeppelin cover) Please Read the Letter (Jimmy Page & Robert Plant cover) Gone Gone Gone (The Everly Brothers cover) Encore: You Don't Knock One Woman Man Your Long Journey
  6. The night is dark and full of terrors.
  7. I thought it was Jimmy doing a slight strum on his guitar with a violin bow. That is what it sounds like.
  8. The singer was good but seeing this song on AI (esp. with J Lo tweerking around) makes me want to puke.
  9. Yup. They are going to be the opening act for Justin Bieber's new tour. Should be announced sometime next week.
  10. I agree. I saw him live in Philly around 8 years ago. Freaking amazing show and his guitar talent is up there with all the greats.
  11. You should list the size. Good luck!
  12. That's because Harvey Weinstein basically runs Hollywood.
  13. I liked Gravity but it is the most overrated movie ever. How does Cuaron win when 99% of that movie was done on computers? Scorsese got screwed again!
  14. Even if they are two of the original memebers, The Who are still great live. Pete is amazing.
  15. It has been on Showtime back in the late summer this past year.
  16. I can't stand her. She had done many unscrupulous things over the years like booking Ozzy to headline the Ozzfest in multiple cities knowing he would only to be able to play a third of the shows and screwing the original musicians on Ozzy's early album reissues so they wouldn't have to pay them royalties. Never liked her at all!
  17. Doh....Fixed my post. Can't believe I messed that up.
  18. Who knew there was an official John Bonham Arena in Miami, Florida?
  19. It was pretty good show but I thought Katy Perry butchered "Yesterday". I loved seeing Stevie Wonder up there.
  20. Jimmy looks weird in those pictures by his house. It almost doesn't look like him.
  21. That's the one. Thanks! P.S. What year is it from?
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