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  1. If Jimmy had been in better shape, this tour might have been their best...GREAT setlist....Bonzo was at his peak....JPJ was really showing how talented he was esp. with No Q (some people complain at how long it was...I personally loved those classical music snippets he threw in during his solo)....Percy was at his all-time funniest ....Jimmy was great certain nights and others ...still there's something I love about this tour!!!
  2. Maybe they didn't play it.....it's not listed on this site http://www.theocean.co.uk/displayboots.php?bandID=54
  3. Who the hell do you think you are......I'm not whining you stupid bitch....I'm concerned about Jimmy...it's not my fault you can't go.....fucking sour grapes...GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC you stupid clown....no T-Shirt for you!!!
  4. Wow....just looked up the Crowes/Page on Wikipedia..... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Live_at_the_Greek THEY PLAYED WISER TIME with JIMMY...too fucking cool....I love that song....Now I'm really pissed I missed that show
  5. I had tix for Irvine...so those rumors were bull (that Jimmy and Chris were not getting along)?
  6. http://www.gibson.com/robotguitar/robotgui...yvideo=training Jimmy has used a Performer in the past...this Robot is more reasonable for us common folks!! From CNET/ When guitar maker Gibson USA announced it would launch its self-tuning Les Paul Studio electric, aka the Robot Guitar, on December 7, guitar players responded much like they did to a CNET News.com story published last year about a competing self-tuning system, The Performer, which has been available since 1998. Some players resist the idea of using a machine instead of their ear when tuning to a desired pitch. Some say they'd welcome the technology, if the price is right. The retail price of the Robot Guitar is $2,499--not exactly at the low end for American-made Les Pauls, which start at about $1,555, but certainly not at the high end of a line whose special editions can top $10,000. The Performer costs $3,400, including installation, plus the cost of a compatible guitar (a Gibson Les Paul or Les Paul Special, a Fender Telecaster or Stratocaster, or Les Paul or Fender replica guitars). The Performer, which requires extensive routing of the guitar body, must be installed by TransPerformance, the system's developer. The Robot Guitar system--called Powertune and developed by Tronical, based in Germany--can be installed by any authorized manufacturer or service center. The limited edition Robot Guitar will be the only Les Paul featuring this Blue Silverburst finish. Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz says the company will offer the Tronical tuning system in other Gibson electrics beginning in late 2008. $2500 vs. $5400...I'll take the Robot.....in a different color though!!!
  7. Hats off to Roy Harper would be fitting Honestly, STH....Live...just to make everyone stand there well Zep jams out!!!
  8. Most of the greats still rock: Clapton, the Who, Floyd, Plant, etc.
  9. I remember that...BTW, I wasn't happy with JP's playing on the NO Q DVD (he was just a little off) and I really didn't like him on a lot of the official Crowes/Page at the Greek (some of the solos were weak).....of course, on tour for both albums, he was fucking AMAZING!!!!
  10. My friend's band played there in the late 90's and I made him make me a roadie for the night just so I could go that on stage.....the same stage that the Doors, Cream, the Who, and of course.......Zep played on...sent chills down my spine!!!
  11. No....I doubt it...I'm not sure if Pagey is too proud of the '77 tour.....BUT that's what I would like...other the above mentioned shows in Japan!!! P.S. Weren't one of the Japanese shows supposedly taped by the band (as in video/movie)
  12. I'm selling mine to help pay for my trip to the 02...thanks!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:IT&ih=004
  13. Yeah but they rehearsed for like a year there ....I'm just concerned more about Jimmy then anyone else (esp. if he really did break his finger).....I know it sounds corny but he's the only guy I've idolized and I don't want him to look bad (too many people saw him only at the two past reunions and think he's shot.....having no clue how great he was when touring with Plant).....I'm sure he'll be great......I hope!!!
  14. Anyone here remember seeing the Conan O'Brien show doing that Dazed/TSRTS movie tribute....if you are a diehard Zep fan, it is classic....can't find it on youtube though ...anyone have it or see it recently on reruns?
  15. Well how sweet of you .......I feel you though..I 've seen Jimmy four times but I was most excited to see him when I had 5th row seats to see Page and the Crowes....I was finally gonna be up close to one of the gods... BUT then he cancelled the tour supposedly because of his back....BUT then he's on Jay Leno playing that very night and he was dancing around with his wife at my friend's club in LA...bad back my ass....wasn't he and the Robinsons starting to have problems? Anyway, I just hope that play well enough to shut the critics up finally!!! P.S. I'm not worried about RP's voice...I've seen the guy 8 times and not once did he sound bad...IMOF, he was GREAT!!!
  16. $250...that's crazy...I saw him five years ago and paid like $35
  17. Yes....in a old Creem mag I have, he mentions it.....no names though!
  18. OK... so is this supposed to be telling me that I'm being a bozo for worrying....I have the right to be concerned and BTW, you have no clue how much I've spent, do you? Jimmy is amazing but, since 1980, he does have a bad habit of playing poorly when the spotlight is brightest (yes, he was great a during the P/P tour, Outrider, etc. but total shit during Live Aid and the 40th AAC).....I still can't wait but after hearing how they had all this momentum going and (after Jimmy's finger thing) that things aren't going great ....YES...I'M FUCKING CONCERNED!!! P.S. It might be the last time I see my idol, JP, so I really hope he blows us away!!!
  19. All these negative rumors about the rehersal problems are starting to bother me.....do you think the boys...esp. JIMMY...are going to be able to play great that night....I really don't want to spend all this $$$ and then see a poor performance...do you think they're true or are people just trying to cause problems...thoughts?
  20. To be honest...to get a really good clean room where it's safe, you need to spend at least $250 a night in London....sorry no hostels here!!!!
  21. Not sure about that but let me know...BTW, it's time to change your avatar...everytime I see SS, I need to take care of some business
  22. I have on the shows on VHS....was exciting to watch back then....I like the album...shame that tour never happened...really wanted to go!!!
  23. I do not know if that is exactly the names of the song but there are two unnamed songs on the PG outtakes...well actually one is called "Take Me Home"....AWESOME...the other one is a Jazzy sounding thing....and there's also "In The Morning" which is an early version of "In The Light"....great stuff
  24. Awwww....but please remember people....the Sun was the first to report of the reunion...hope none of this is true!!!
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