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  1. I don't care what any of you say....this was really stupid!!!
  2. Two questions about you my friend: 1) Who are you (as in why would you know a lot about TSRTS) 2) How the hell do you have 300 posts already?
  3. Sorry to make fun of the dead but I have a funny story here....I saw Jason Bonham at a bar in LA....well my friend and I kept seeing this guy walking around that we reconized....so we finally went to him and asked who he was....well he puts his arms around our shoulders and leans in..."Well boys, I used to be in a small band you might have heard of"......long pause.....shifts his eyes....."...Quiet Riot"......we both just kinda said okay and started laughing.....he was pissed...the rest of the night he was eye-balling us from across the room....I guess we were supposed to be blown away by his response...too funny....RIP!!!
  4. I guess I'm the only one who liked Outrider...Emerald Eyes in one his best!!!
  5. Jimmy is my idol and my fave guitarist EVER but let's be real....there are jazz musicians that blow him and any other rock guitarist away....plus, as much as I enjoy listening to JP more then anyone....let's face it, at times, he's very sloppy (some '77-'80 solos make me cringe)....I don't care though...the energy and emotion he brings out in me beats anyone (he's my drug of choice per se).....BTW, it's okay to put down your heroes....some people on here act like you can't criticize anyone in Zep....WRONG....that's okay.....might not make you popular but it's really okay....in the end though, NO ONE ROCKS LIKE JIMMY PAGE!!!
  6. Love the avatar brother...SS is so hot (well, she was..saw a recent photo of her and looks likes she's 50 now )
  7. Curious, does Bonzo's family get his cut of the Zep $$$...if not, who gets his cut?
  8. I can see the dry humor continues on the new site
  9. Hey guys...this change couldn't have come at a worst time, eh?
  10. I'm positive that was WLL from another show that tour...my question is....Is Celebration Day different from the original soundtrack that came out in 1976...jam sounds different...the old one was tighter and IMO better!!!
  11. Yes...got bit by a werewolf so now I'm a 7'5" WOLFMAN.....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
  12. So happy for the new stuff but I'm upset that Jimmy left that lame edit in WLL and D&C (and from what I hear No Q)....BUT he did add that great jam after Plant says "Do It" in Dazed (original soundtrack had one part...this one has all three like the movie)......ANOTHER QUESTION....don't have time to watch the new TSRTS but I notice the new version is only two minutes longer yet it has 3 new tracks...something sounds fishy here
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