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  1. Thanks very much for all the info. I see there are a lot of great shows from 1973 I haven't gotten yet. 1973 looks to be a very good year for live shows.
  2. 6/21/77 This is my first time ever hearing No Quarter from this show. For some reason my old version didn't have it.
  3. Misfit


    Thanks again for all the info. I'm going to get the 2/8/75 Philly show but i think i am going to get one of the Chicago shows first.
  4. Here are the shows i have so far from 1973 1/7/73 1/14/73 3/16/73 3/22/73 3/24/73 5/5/73 5/13/73 5/14/73 5/23/73 6/2/73 7/15/73 7/17/73 7/20/73 7/21/73 7/24/73 7/29/73 Do I have most of the really good shows? Or what are some other great shows that I really need to add to my collection soon?
  5. Misfit


    Thanks for the information. I will check those shows out.
  6. Misfit


    i have 1/12/75 1/29/75 2/12/75 2/16/75 2/28/75 3/5/75 3/10/75 3/12/75 3/14/75 3/17/75 3/19/75 3/21/75 3/27/75 5/17/75 Any other shows from 75 i should get besides Earl's Court?
  7. Misfit


    Would this be a good show to get? I read that a lot of songs were cut but the sound quality was good and it was a very good show for 1975. So can anyone tell me anything about this show? Is it an enjoyable show to listen to despite the cuts in the songs?
  8. I love the show from the first night in Madison Square Garden 6/7/77 i think the other nights at the Garden are good too.
  9. I'm watching The Brides of Dracula right now!!
  10. I didn't go to school in the 70s and i never saw that kind of violence or hazing at my high school. So i asked someone i knew who graduated in the 70s and had seen this movie and they said they could relate to a lot of stuff in this movie but not the hazing. They said they never saw that at school either. It makes me wonder just what kind of schools did this happen in.
  11. I'm ready! I love Halloween! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDSx41ORH9w
  12. This http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbGM3zGb918
  13. Do you like the movie Dazed and Confused? You know, the one about growing up in the 70s.
  14. ^8.7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viovOqK9df4
  15. 1/7/73 Oxford I love Dazed and Confused from this show.
  16. Oh Ok, thanks for letting me know. I sure wish there was a soundboard for the 5/28 show as I really like some of the stuff they did that show.
  17. I think I remember that there was supposed to be a soundboard of this show out there. I have an audience recording. If there is a soundboard, how good does it sound and should i get it in addition to my audience recording?
  18. Ever hear any Black Oak Arkansas?
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