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  1. I just read where the album debuted at #54 on the Billboard album chart and sold 7,100 units the first week. That's very a very weak, paltry amount. Will the release climb the charts or dismally fade into obscurity? You'd think something happened to Rock and Roll. Are there only 1/10th the fans there were just 35 years ago? The raised fist, bic lighter toting fans have become a rare breed.
  2. All the Indian restaurants I've ever seen doubled as petting zoo's. There were scared skinny cows roaming around everywhere. I meant sacred.
  3. Please don't tell me you've thought this show was really gonna happen. And that goes for anybody. Besides, Jimmy doesn't have time. He's got to stay busy signing his book that's coming out by Christmas Hopefully
  4. 99% of the bands I'd care to see and spend ANY money on are past their prime so I don't have much problem with concert expenses anymore. Nowadays all I'd want to see is one band at a time, but usually have to put up with an opening act of varying degrees of interest. I don't think there's enough bands I really really like that would be playing together to where I'd even want to go to an all day festival, unless I could come and go as I please. To be held captive by a venue isn't my cuppa tea. I"ve NEVER paid over $42 to see any act, ever, and I've seen some incredible bands/musicians. Plus I'd never buy a beer at these shows, it's all bud/miller/coors which I abhore. Can you say curmudgeon?
  5. Looks like Jeff Beck's in high rotation. I also just happen to be listening to JB,
  6. Oh Gag!!! I was once asked by a friend to go to . I thought, oh boy I've never been to a strip club! Arriving, seeing the bulbed dome, I thought hmmmm.....this must be one of those ethnic girl's club, so I was happy to experience the exotic. Little did I know when I entered, I'd heard my friend wrongly, he hadn't said, College Undies. So I went across the street to Burger King and had their triple whopper!
  7. I doubt it. You're first line answer's your own question. The media know Robert's reluctance, excuse me, refusal. Jimmy would probably give a consistent, "I'm all for it!"
  8. Fans can only speculate what John Bonham would think about a reunion, we KNOW what Robert thinks. I wonder why when he's asked about it, he doesn't tell the press to, "Go ask Jimmy?"
  9. Of all the studio sessions you did back in the 1960's, I believe my favorite is one you did with Joe Cocker way before he bacame famous. Most Jimmy Page fans know you played guitar on the Beatles song "With a little help from my friends" with Joe, however my favorite was when you did the guitar part for "I'll Cry Instead" by the Beatles on Joe's 1964 version. That was really soon after they released it. Were you a Beatle fan back then or was it just another session? Were you smitten and hyper-aware of the Beatle phenomenon at that time? I'd bet that was one of the first, if not The First, cover of a Lennon-McCartney song by a rocker. Tell me about the session and your thoughts of that song and The Beatles, please.
  10. I see posts about "bugs". Damn, I hate bugs! One thing I hate even more are simians. There's a gorilla in the midst and his friend. That gorilla is jumping on your post too!
  11. I just read it and agree with much of it. This is one of my pet peeves and wish others were as passionate about the sound quality of their music in bitrate and GOOD headphones, not these crappy earbuds that are so prevalent. Sound quality will once again be a huge issue. People are cottoning on to a dark little secret of the digital age - MP3 files sound terrible. The online "lossless" audiophile movement is gathering strength with one label. Interscope, creating a new master source file, that will ensure that the efforts of musicians and producers in the recording process are not wasted when the sound gets to the listener. Jimmy Iovine and his team at Interscope/Beats Audio Sound Solutions hope this super-file will become ubiquitous. They are also working on a variety of headphones and better sound chips in HP computers to improve the listener experience. Most listening nowadays is through tiny ear-bud headphones. ^ taken from the article.
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