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  1. This thread reads like classic rock hell. David Coverdale?? Steven Tyler??? rofl........

    No, sorry...........no Robert Plant, no Zeppelin tour or anything else........

    I can't believe this went on for twelve pages.


    To be honest, I can't even believe that the rest of the boys would consider doing anything without RP. It devalues Zeppelin imho. I'ld love for them to tour again because I haven't seen any real guise of Zeppelin myself - to young to get the privelage. I did see Plant/Page tho which was good, though not the same I reckon.

    Is this tour def happening btw?

  2. Granted, all I've seen of this is the wee clips on the various sites, but I have a serious feeling that this guy is talking through his arse.

    Bonham better than Baker? Hmmm. Bonham was good, but better than Baker?

    It's a bit like saying, Hendrix is better than Page, or Clapton. It's a daft discussion.

    As for the performance? Maybe the guy had a poor seat?

    Only a complete daftie would say say it was a poor show overall.

    From the clips I was seeing earlier, I can tell you I was more gutted about not being there, than last night, because they did seem to be good.

    If they had been crap, I wouldn't have been too bothered about missing the show, but now I feel that I have missed out even more.

    If they reviewer was expecting to see a Led Zeppelin in their 20s, he should have bought a time machine rather than a ticket to the show.

    Zeppelin of now is a different animal to what it was. So the guys in the band are getting on a bit, but it doesn't mean they can't perform. Of what I have seen, Page's playing was better than I thought it might have been. Not sure about Jones as I haven't tried to analyse him yet.

    Plant was kind of like I expected, maybe not quite as rawkas as before, but still doing a fine job.

    Bonham, from what I saw provided an excellent bedrock for everyone to play over.

    Granted I wasn't there, but the signs i the clips seem very positive...

  3. You couldn't call it Led Zeppelin. The real LZ died with John. I think this guise of LZ is as close as you could get to the REAL thing as you are likely to get with Jason stepping in.

    Put it this way, the LZ at the 02 is the closest thing genetically to the old LZ without introducing cloning...

    Any other LZ just isn't close, and in my opinion would cheapen the band and it's legacy.

    Weve seen it with loads of other bands that came and went with new lead vocalists or main guitar players. It just ain't the same.

    Certainly, I for one wouldn't be chuffed if they did it without Robert.

    As it is, if you know the history of the band, you can understand why the would do it with Jason and no-one else, and not only that, probably about 99.999% of fans don't see a problem with Jase filling in for his old man. I think if anyone else were introduced, it would be a problem. They certainly wouldn't get oversubscribed ballots like they had for this gig. Of that I have no doubt...

  4. on the thought of Achilles... I think Achilles was the high water mark of their career... its unfortionate that the album its on has been bad-mouthed and shunned by the general music population...

    It doesnt get much radio play because of its length... It doesnt get much praise because of the bias against Presence... It didnt have the time, like Stairway or Dazed and Confused to become immortal when performed live

    I think when everything is considered... it has to be the most underrated song in history

    Achilles Last Stand on the fairly recent DVD collection is AWESOME. I think arguably the best thing they've got recorded live (though to be fair I don't have access to the extenisve bootleg collections ome of you guys have...)

  5. You know what's funny. I am internet savvy. Very. And yet it didn't occur to me to join an LZ mailing list. In fact, rock music in general I haven't been listening to at great length for some years as I used to play guitar, was in a band and stuff, but didn't see where you could bring out a new guitar based record that would stack up to the old greats. These days I listen to electronic dance music mostly, and do a bit of production and mixing. Thing is, I wouldn't say that means I'm any less of a Zeppelin fan.

    As far as I'm concerned they are the best band there's ever been, and if asked, I still say this, even though these days I'm ore likely to buy the latest Digweed mix than I am likely to buy a rock album. LZ had a fairly long career spanning all those albums, and yet the quality never dropped. Consistency. They have such a quality and varying back catalogue it's nuts. But because rock music isn't what I listen to these days has meant I don't keep up to date. I found out about the LZ ballot quite late in the day. Can someone point me to where the LZ mailing list registration is now so that I can register, in the event that there are some more gigs? I don't want to miss out next time (if there is a next time...)

  6. They just don't realise that they aren't the only people in the world who want a LZ show....They aren't interested in a "World Tour", just a US Tour.

    It's also interesting how specific they are with venues, "I hope they play Giants Stadium", for example. You don't see anyone on here saying they "hope they play at the Sydney Showgrounds, oh man that would be awesome I only live 2 hours away".....

    Man, it would be SO AWESOME if LZ would do a show in my living room. I could watch them play while crashed out on the couch!!! the sound would be awesome too!!! There wouldn't be much queing at the bar either - I could just take a few steps and get a tinny out the fridge!!! Please, please LZ. You know you want to!!!

  7. My uncle used to make me compilation tapes of old vintage rock stuff. (I'm not of the generation who got to see them live!!!) Anyway, the frst Zep track I heard was Whole Lotta Love. Funnilly enough, I didn't think too much of it at the time, but as I listened to the mix tape over and over it slowly seeped into my consciousness. I then realised it was something quite different. At the time my musical diet was Cream, a bit early of early queen. I hadn't got into other stuff like Hendrix and the like. Anyway, one day I was staying with my uncle and he was helping m trawl through his extensive library of original vinyl, and I remembered Whole Lotta Love. So he suggested we put on Zep 4...

    The rest as they say is history. It is one of the strongest starts to an album you are likely to hear. It had me completely mesemerized as I heard the panning on all the instruments on my uncles well separated large speaker system. I think I was half cut at the time, but for the life of me couldn't work out how the hell JP got his hands round that opneing riff on BD. My mind boggled. It's funny though, I actually rate Physical Graffiti higher than 4, but maybe it's coz I've heard the tracks on 4 so much. When you think about it, BD followed by R&R is some start. Custard Pie, and the Rover is another huge start to an album, but is it better? Probably not...

    After I got my dirty maulers on 4, I really got into Zep, but a huge influence on me was Dave Lewis' "A Celebration" book. That really is a fantastic "bible" and would recommend it to anyone.

    I would have thought Dave def reads this site. Dave, how about a reissue of Celebration, but fill it out a bit more with some more detail of key live shows and such (if that's possible!!!).

  8. Look, new techniques don't always mean that the remixes will sound better.

    In a lot of cases they can though. Personally, I think you have to take them as separate entities. Certainly when I listened to Mothership on MP3 on my wee portable player, I noticed a difference, and I can't honestly say that it wasn't for the worst. I think the new mixing has added a freshness to the sound (or maybe I was just imagining it!!).

    As for the folk that think that audio has been lost? Get real!!!!!

    Do you know anyhting about compression in any forms? the very nature of compression is that it gets rid of the stuff you don't want to hear, and adds a boost to what you do want to hear! (I'm not saying however that is how it works in a phyiscs sense but that's what it seems like to your ears). Even before you get to the stage of actually doing a mix of a track compressors are used all over the shop even on old vintage albums. Some of the most expensive vintage audio gear arer compresors for god sake!!!

    the ultimate question is whether you think it SOUNDS good, not if there's bits missing etc etc.

    I haven't however got my dirty mitts on the mothership CD yet to give it the once over at home with my awesome Sony headphones to see what REALLY has been done to it, but my initial thoughts are quite positive. Without doubt I picked up on stuff happening in No Quarter that I didn't notice before. I think it's added something to it for sure. (Even though some people think it's taken something away!!!) Lol.

    What I want to know is when is the whole shebang being released with these new rerubs!!!

    I want to hear IMTOD and the like given this treatment!!!

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