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  1. I`m starting to think he did use something, even though I`m a die-hard "he didn`t" fan !! Everyone can tell me (include`n Jeff) what it is not,..but no-one can tell me what it is !! There is something there. I appreciate everone`s help and welcome more !! This has to be put to rest once and for all, cuz nowaday`s the compressor can make any drum sound you want !! No need to keep a secret sound device !!
  2. Have you any Idea what those Richie Ring type circles on the inside of his front head are from ? I can`t do anything but speculate !! I have no where else to ask !!
  3. There`s got to be another drummer here !! I got a whole lotta love for John,..but no idea what he muffled his kit with,...anyone ??
  4. I`m on another site and we talk vintage drums, a topic was started about John`s BD heads durring his recording years. In many photo`s of Bonham`s kit, there appears to be a Richie Ring type of circle on the outside permimeter of the front head. Richie Rings were not availible yet and some say it`s a decal removed, some say it`s a second head cut to act like a richie Ring muffler, and still some say it`s a shadow from the hoops, and still,..some say it`s a felt circle. I`ve seen many pics. and can`t nail it down because the ideas are all plausable. No hard facts from anyone affiliated with John. Nobody seems to know !! Does anyone here know what the heck that myterious ring around the inside of the head is ?? In the first pic,..is the decal idea removed would leave a lighter spot, the maple kit don`t have it,..the green kit has it shoiwing without the decal on, But, on his vista kit, you can see it in a clear version without the decal....So confused here,...off to smoke, and will check back in case any of you might know !!
  5. I reccomend a Fender Squire Stratocaster that was made in Japan. Although the Euorpian and US and Japanese factories contracted to assemble them were all identical,..the Japanese factories took much greater care in assembleing the electronics, giving it less static, better reliability, and very clear play !! The BB King sound is difficult to copy since his girl is all custom !!
  6. Every time I see a photo of JPJ play`n that bass,..and I`ve seen ten or so,...he`s wear`n the same shirt. Now, either he never changed his clothes or he played it for a day or two !! I don`t know what he recorded with and I`m sure not many do,..but to me, until you plug them in, they all sound the same !! I Don`t know who would trade a vintage for a re-issue !! (of anything)
  7. Who investigated the photo ?? I`m just glad he recorded with them !!
  8. I somehow remeber his HH being lower than that, but I know for sure he had the mach lugs on the 15", other SS drums by Ludwig don`t !! That photo appears to show mach lugs, but it`s just not clear enough !!
  9. By any chance ,did you find out if he ever used the SS drums to record with ??
  10. Not really,...the drums are reflecting the colors of the floor, remember, the SS kit has a mirror finish. The palm leaves are the same color as the drums on the left and the floor color is in the background. The album, like you said has many different sounds and I think he did use the SS kit, That`s why I wanna try to confirm it. I thought this would be THE place to find out. Here`s something I was told that I didn`t know,....The reproduction SS drums today, a magnet would stick to,...It would not stick to the SS drums JB had !! I don`t know how true that is but grade A Stainless steele is non magnetic !! I`ve never been close enough to either SS drum types to find out myself !!
  11. That photo is why I asked the question in this site. I saw it on a Ludwig site, but most of the type was in German, some was in English and one guy says he never used SS drums or versiite kit to record. Those sure are configured like the SS drums on the right and look miked up too. The green drums on the left,..looks like you can see right through the bass drum, and at that angle, you should be able to with clear heads or no heads !! I see no image but maybe clear heads that say Ludwig across the bottom or a pillow in it !!
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