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  1. Happy Birthday Kiwi! Just logged in to wish you today.
  2. Hahaha! Yes, that struck me too, Strider! If you need answers, perhaps ask Kiwi? I mean, she's the one who gifted it to me.
  3. Oh you've done it again, Kiwi! Oh yes you have, you scamp! I was tidying up this morning and without thinking twice, I closely examined that gargantuan postal envelope that contained my birthday letter from you, before binning it (just to be utterly sure that I had carefully and safely retrieved all of its contents) and sure enough, whilst upturning the envelope, something actually fell to the floor. Lo and behold, a little key chain of a mischievous little Kiwi bird and a lamb! I really love it, kiddo! Thank you!! Why on earth did you not tell me about this earlier?! You wanted it to be a secret, eh? I am most certainly going to be conducting an inquiry via email! Here is a photographic record for your reference!
  4. If my son's best friend had the opportunity to get all those boys and girls (who bullied him in school for being gay) to watch this film, he would seize the day!
  5. ^^^^Oh, how wonderful, Kiwi! There is nothing better than some melodious classical music to soothe the soul, am I right? It looks like your mum has got a wonderful collection there. Very eclectic. From my point of view, it is very heartening to see youngsters such as yourself, have such a profound appreciation for classical music. Now if you could be so kind as to convince my 20 year old son that classical music is indeed an interesting musical genre, I will be delighted!
  6. Many thanks, Strider. I celebrated my 46th in June, this year.
  7. Did not mean to embarrass you, but you made me very happy today! I nearly jumped for joy when I saw that this letter was from you.  You are one kind and thoughtful young lady. I do hope you know that. xoxo

    1. Kiwi_Zep_Fan87


      Coming from you, this means a lot! Thanks, Em!!! <3

  8. There is a saying that friendship transcends borders! This saying came true for me this morning, when I received a wonderful, handwritten birthday letter from a sweet young lady on this forum. With emails being the norm, stating that a handwritten letter is something special, is truly an understatement! Felt like logging in just to thank this special young lady. Thank you so very much, Kiwi! You sweetie pie! For not only remembering my birthday but for writing to me! The last time someone posted a handwritten letter to me, was my son from University.
  9. Thank you very much, Sath! That was so sweet of you!
  10. Thank you, kindly, Res! It's great to be back here! Cool Led Zep t-shirt and scrumptious looking cake!
  11. Corr Blimey! You are so full of shit, Mr. Jones! My friend Chillumpuffer and I, were gloating over England's victory over New Zealand in a very important cricket match, that concluded barely 2 hours ago. Kiwi_Zep_Fan bet that NZ will win, but that did not happen, get it?! Since you seem to be pretty slow on the uptake (or let your insecurities get the better of you), let me explain it again, only this time in a way that you might understand. We were talking about S-P-O-R-T-S. Who gives a shit about whether you continue to post on this forum or not? It's your choice and I really think that you need a gentle reminder that : not everything on this forum is about you! Get over yourself, you pathetic narcissist! Here is an article about the recently concluded CRICKET MATCH that CP and I were talking about, Sherlock! Take a look. You might actually learn something. http://www.firstpost.com/cricket-live-score/update-new-zealand-v-england-t20/2547/180484.html
  12. Yoooohooo!! Kiwi! Where art thou? Did you hear? WE WON! HA HA!!
  13. Damn! Where's a good joint, when you need it?!
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