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  1. "Balls cried the Queen! If I had 'em I'd be King!"
  2. You cannot take a porcupine, put him in a barn, speculate on his intentions & expect to make licorice. -Dr. Feel
  3. 1975 Chuck (turn me over I'm done) Roast? "The group efforts of Led-Zeppelin are not timeless," says it all.
  4. Have to say, I still don't care for this album. Instead of Walking into, they should have caught the first thing smoking OUT of Clarksdale...
  5. Well I'll be a monkey's uncle. From: "The Concert File" by Dave Lewis & Simon Pallett, "Rehersal, May 1973. A soundboard recording exists from a 1973 soundcheck (where the band plays Elvis and obscure Johnny Kidd & the Pirates numbers) which is often erroneously cited as having been taped prior to the Jul. 6th Chicago date. From the quality of Plant's vocals (which were in poor shape at the beginning of the second leg of the U.S. Tour) it's evident it's from the first leg of the tour, possibly from the afternoon prior to the May 4 show." Conjecture. Speculation on behalf of Dave Lewis?
  6. It's the final rehearsals for 1975 U.S. Tour, recorded at The Metropolitan Sports Center, Minneapolis Minn. 1975. These tracks are from a bootleg album called "Tribute to Johnny Kidd & the Pirates"
  7. I saw Jake on that stupid TMS show as a guest guitarist. His playing was pretty weak, on the verge of embarrassing... Idk, maybe he was just loaded that day?
  8. It appears we are in a huge minority here but I wholeheartedly agree with you! The Cleveland shows absolutely "Destroy" the Seattle shows! (Yes indeed, the irony was intended.)
  9. No singer, bass player looks like an undercover cop, but the guitar playing (solo especially) is KILLER GOOD! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkS1H38sHb8
  10. Here's a quick sketch of a faceless 1977 Jimmy. I was going more for capturing his "Stance" than a "detailed" depiction FWIW... Some really nice pieces in this thread, keep up the good work gang!
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