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  1. Could a helpful fellow zep fan pm me the torrent links. I can't seem to access dime links from my phone.
  2. Also if i may, don't go straight to 75 for zep boots. That is imo their most boring setlist they ever played.
  3. I love the 1980 zurich matrix by blue congo. Just finished listening to trampled underfoot....By far the best Trampled they ever played...Achilles Last Stand is superb as well as the rest of the set. My fav post 77 show. Not to mention superb audio quality.
  4. It's a sad state considering how talented these guys are right now...I know everyone says "this ain't GNR" but to me they are even more talented than the sunset strip boys of the 80"s. I am eagerly awaiting the sequel to Chines Democracy as I loved that album and love all GnR albums.
  5. How about the Eddie Edwards version? I know ur on Guitars 101 and everything on that site with Offenburg is dead Also all of ZepMasters links are dead as well...That guy is amazing. Not saying you aren't John, cuz you most definitely are awesome!
  6. If someone can pm the Winston Remaster id really appreciate...the links on the site i use have expired.
  7. I have never found offenburg...can someone post it here or pm me please...Id really appreciate that very much. The only 73 Europe tour show i have is vienna.
  8. You must have the patience of a Saint to sit through what I call Noise...I'm not making fun of you...I actually envy you! . Right now tho I am listening to the second show Cleveland...pretty good audience taper on this on eh. I find I can appreciate more and more now that I've acquired so many different boots. It's always interesting to hear something new these days
  9. http://bron-y-aur--stomp.blogspot.com/search/label/1979%20Led%20Zeppelin Go to Stevenage england WR....WR is winston remaster...Hes a famous led zep boot re-master guy. Its quite simply the best version of the 1979-08-04 show ever.
  10. I'm waiting for a Knebworth quality matrix of one of those Sdb's. I used to never listen to Knebworth boots until i found the Winston matrix.
  11. Man those 77 boards always make Bonham sound like a tin can and Jimmy sound like hes using a fisher price guitar. I honestly almost never listen to them anymore....and i own em all lol. No quarter always one reason to listen to them at least. Can't justify a sit through of a whole soundboard ever tho.
  12. I was listening to this the other day and to me the keyboard intro sounds a bit off. Not like the album or 70s live versions at all.
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