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  1. Could a helpful fellow zep fan pm me the torrent links. I can't seem to access dime links from my phone.
  2. 71-11-16 72-06-19 72-06-25 72-06-09 72-10-04 Honestly nothing sounds good from this these tours other than the soundboards and they too are iffy. Try orlando 71-08-31 for a decent sounding show from that period that is complete as well. The intro to whole lotta love riff is quite good and unique. So if you are willing to put up with noisy audience recordings that sound like black metal fidelity then go for it, me i prefer boots with a bottom end like Eddie as it is much more enjoyable then getting a trebly wall of plant shrieks and instruments fighting for the tiny soundstage...Sorry just not my cup of tea anymore and never was. Il take a loose drunk show from 75 anyday over hearing immigrant song distorted beyond recognition. Besides, 72-06-25 is on cd for us already so i say why bother, you get all the main tracks that were featured from that tour in the best performance and quality all in one, just doesnt make sense to hear scratchy noises when you can hear that gem, which is the best show up to that point in their career without argument.
  3. I'm not sure if this has been discussed here yet, but id like to mention the little snorting noise at 5:30 into For Your Life. LOL i think its genius personally, does anyone else hear this all the time yet dismiss it because zeppelin is just so damn organic!! Leave a comment down below please and thank you as its been awhile since i posted on here
  4. Then just listen to LA.....What wrong with that? Just listen to eddie and forget 77 if you feel that way. Don't pretend zeppelin didn't improvise or switch it up though, that's a bad lie.
  5. Isn't it possible to combine both sources anyway regardless? Or do they have to have the same time and length to combine at the right speed?
  6. wooohoo, The song reamins the same!!!!oooh yeah. I had a dream lol. Seriously this is not just top ten but top 3 sound quality wise for eq of each instrument. A damn pleasure for every fan, Achilles is a wacky drug blast.
  7. Also if i may, don't go straight to 75 for zep boots. That is imo their most boring setlist they ever played.
  8. I love the 1980 zurich matrix by blue congo. Just finished listening to trampled underfoot....By far the best Trampled they ever played...Achilles Last Stand is superb as well as the rest of the set. My fav post 77 show. Not to mention superb audio quality.
  9. He hasn't been active since may apparently according to his profile. I miss that guy, He was like a bootleg mentor.
  10. It's a sad state considering how talented these guys are right now...I know everyone says "this ain't GNR" but to me they are even more talented than the sunset strip boys of the 80"s. I am eagerly awaiting the sequel to Chines Democracy as I loved that album and love all GnR albums.
  11. This is what I thought too strider. I mean how can it be possible that not a single tape exists out of the thousands of people who attended this gig. This bothers me because his show is one the greatest gigs they ever did. Anyway thx for that answer, i think i needed that from someone like you, just to give it closure. If you get me.
  12. Watch what you post here! No garbage talk please.
  13. Imagine what a John Bonham site would have...
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