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  1. whats with the naked chick avatar's? Cool interviews too.
  2. what? putting lots of tension on the pedal for practices, then loosening it up for shows to help build speed. I think he says that next phrase doesn't he, or maybe i've misunderstood the question.
  3. He still received some instruction. his basics all began as a child with his father. Think of it as riding a bike. His dad got him off the training wheels so to speak. Not quite sure what point you're trying to make here?
  4. Boy it's been a few days since I've been on here.... Yes I know the piper tale, i'm quite familiar with it. The pied piper did lead rats, but you neglect the rest of the story. But anyhow, after reading your "Pan God of Music" book on the thread here it seems to fit your theory.
  5. Excellent interview. Thank for the post. The duel screen idea of playing side by side with his father.... best idea i've ever heard. What song do you believe is going to be the tear jerker he refers to? Stairway?? He's very humble and seems to be a huge Zeppelin fan like all the rest of us. He knows better than anyone, what the fans are expecting from him, to do his father proper tribute.
  6. No way. HTWWW version was great, but the performance at Knebworth '79 was the all time best. I like Rock n' Roll with a picked up tempo. The improvised outro from Bonzo is just freakin' fantastic.
  7. I think of the Pied Piper fable, and this song is the one to lead us away from society (i.e. the village) into someplace else thats staggering(i.e. a deep cave never to be seen again?). I don't know.... I was never very good at literature.
  8. The press better not slay them for being old and/or rusty on some of their songs (i can't imagine that anyway). Realistically the fans will eat it up and be left wanting more, but the press is sometimes implacable when it comes to these kind of things. However, the practice that Jimmy has been insisting upon should leave heavily skeptic journalists with their foot in their mouth, so to speak. Of that I am certain. No doubt we'll see this all over YouTube and hopefully a professionally produced DVD or even CD and then we can all be the judge of this. What an exciting time! These are the best
  9. Wrong. Absolutely nothing to do with this topic. Fair assumption.... like i've said from the beginning, but I still don't buy it. You know what? You're right. If they even tried posting on here the internet would crash becuase of the commotion. Space and time would be completely inverted! Hell would freeze over! People would start wearing hates on their feet, and hamburgers will start eating people! Robert, Jimmy, and John are too cool, so to speak. You are wise for a 19 year old. Of course it would cause a commotion! What realistically would happen from that? A few e
  10. Now you're just so far out to lunch you've completely lost site of any relevant arguments to backup your assumptions. Jon Lord.... great..... Pete Townshend..... cool..... last I checked we're on a Led Zeppelin board so I see no relevance to their actions in reference to Robert, Jimmy, or John. A misunderstanding I would like to clear however is that I do NOT have high hopes that they will come on the board and post but I will remain optimistic to the possibility that they could take an hour of their day and check out their webpage. Could it happen??? Sure.... who am I or you to say how
  11. I'm dissapointed that I can't attend...
  12. To know if a one last show together was "compelling" they'd have to do it... right, I see no reason for them to do it..... oh wait..... And your reasoning is because their old and don't give a ****? That's what I sumies from your post. I find it petty that you're continuing to argue the point that there is no way they'll post, when I see no reason why they wouldn't. If they haven't up until now is based simply because they just don't think of this stuff. Not becuase they're seeking some kind of benefit. If this is their official website, that I'm certain they've hired some geek to moderate,
  13. I say again.... a fair assumption. But you know about the same as the rest of us, I see no reason why not. Yes, you may be right and they may not feel the urge to come on, but you could also be wrong and they could feel the need to check out their own official forum on their website and see what the fans are posting. If a thread is compelling enough I have no doubt one of them may post. I'm sure no one is "holding their breath".
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