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  1. i like metallica , because : the first four records the last 5 records the brilliant live shows ( i saw them first 91` at monsters of rock in Basel (switzerland) and at that night they blown all away ! perfect show i was in the first line and after that show , my music life was different . after led zeppelin , metallica is one of the best bands of all time
  2. i see some good other tickets too , and i must say the metallica ticket impressed me also because they`re great too and i see them 3 times life (best was 91 at monsters of rock YEAH!) really , this could be my wall , i see pink floyd 3 times , ac/dc (monsters of rock) , machine head , i like the seventies stuff as well as good modern hard rock / metal do you know "the sword" ? great band from austin texas , they sound like a perfect mix between 70s and 80s ! (the sword - warp rider)
  3. i would talk to him with the highest respect , his music leave me speechless
  4. very funny , i think this foto is taken from a 70 tv serial "Daktari" its about a bush animal doctor and his family , i liked it a lot as a child back in the 70s the name of the lion is clarence
  5. what zep song / solo do you personally like most ? what new bands do you like or (i m a big metallica fan too) what do you mean about the first 4 metallica records:D, because he is growing up with this good old rock n roll... i also would like to listen to much music togeter with jimmy can you show me some good riffs that never been released ? do you still like good weed ? if you start your live new , would you change anything with led zeppelin ? ( i hope no , because to me , they`re the perfect rock band ) or other things with your music ? Jimmy , if you come to "heaven" ( lol ) what would you say to john (bonham) ? and i would say to him that it makes me sometimes angry , that i never saw a zep concert back in the 70s i would ask him to play some tunes or improvise a little bit on the guitar (< stratocaster player , but in 1or two years i will buy a original gibson les paul with page like pickups and stuff<_<) jimmy page for ever !
  6. led zeppelin is the best thing what happened to rock musik , and i thank for every album of the greatest band of all times if i realize all this different artists who are influenced by zep then to me it is so clear that they are THE top band of all times .
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