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  1. both , the rover and trampled underfoot are great covers , i like DLR interpretation very , because he is definetley the better van halen singer , with sammy hagar they suck ...
  2. i like metallica , because : the first four records the last 5 records the brilliant live shows ( i saw them first 91` at monsters of rock in Basel (switzerland) and at that night they blown all away ! perfect show i was in the first line and after that show , my music life was different . after led zeppelin , metallica is one of the best bands of all time
  3. i see some good other tickets too , and i must say the metallica ticket impressed me also because they`re great too and i see them 3 times life (best was 91 at monsters of rock YEAH!) really , this could be my wall , i see pink floyd 3 times , ac/dc (monsters of rock) , machine head , i like the seventies stuff as well as good modern hard rock / metal do you know "the sword" ? great band from austin texas , they sound like a perfect mix between 70s and 80s ! (the sword - warp rider)
  4. funny story , but i also have some storys about 13 year old girls asking for led zeppelin cds in a second hand music store , or younger friends of mine from the generation hip hop , they know zeppelin from the P. diddy song "come to me" (kashmir riff) and if i show them the real kashmir and other songs they get blown away from that sound , of course they first are impressed by the MURDER GROOVE of john`s drumming , especially when the levee breaks let them get crazy ; ) and after that i give em "babe i m gonna leave you" and they start crying , they never hear music that way , the >Led Zeppelin< Way led zeppelin is one of these things thats always there and will be listen ,
  5. always the same , led zeppelin was from 1968 to 1980 THE top band in rock , and after bonhams death they split definetley , and thats good as it is . i mean , i know , they are "übermenschen" and i love all the music of them , all the records , but what do you think does it sound if they really go to studio and start recording ?? i mean they would do nice music , for shure , but DEFINETLEY no Led Zeppelin sound , forget it , these 9 records (and live stuff of course) is the best in rock and nobody can top that , end of message .
  6. the laughing of brian may at end (hähähähä) great vid
  7. i was a big van halen fan in the 90s when i discovered the first van halen album , it blows me away ! i mean if a guitarist listen the first time to the van halen debut ....its over and of course "women and children first" is very cool , its like a big jam session right now i listen to "Zooma" - john paul jones brilliant solo album ! the first track is Pure Heavy bass playing , fuck is that cool !! @ Kiwi_zep _fan : Yeah Got the Original LP i think in this forum are just people with the right music taste
  8. i get into some licks of jimmy and learn "out on the tiles" (great song , and not so hard to learn)
  9. i looked the first vid without sound , and i must say that the guitarist have something in his style like page , i see that hes influenced from the greatest guitarist ever , tomorrow i will listen and say how i like the sound , but the show is great !!
  10. this album shows the "familiar" side of van halen , very smooth and i think one tune is with his father on clarinett , you say particulary before the hagar ära , but theyr really biggest throw just comes "1984" i LOVE that album like i love Led zeppelin , there are only Great Rock numbers , 1984 is van halens best his guitar sounds are amazing . in this moment i listen to some cream stuff
  11. hey , i like the old Van Halen stuff too , i m a big fan of eddies sound but now i listen to the new record of "The Sword" - warp riders , a very good hard/heavy band from austin texas , the sound like typical 70s bands this is from an older record , i thought its cool
  12. i would say to him that he was for me One of the 4 "mighty arms of Atlas" without his brilliant bass stakkato lines , Pages guitar would sound sometimes very thin i would ask him somethings about recording techniques , because he s a studio genius too
  13. i would talk to him with the highest respect , his music leave me speechless
  14. i never heard them and i hope i never will hear them , because Led Zeppelin is perfect and to mix it with "digital crap" is like to fuck the holy virgin maria :D
  15. about the years , listening and being hardly interested on Led Zep , her music , her style , all of them are like well known persons for me , like friends , because their music touches me really . if i would meet a member of these rock gods i would say to them rhat it was SO right to quit the band after Bonzos death , no drummer can reach his perfectioness , his very special groove and i NEVER hear one single wrong note of him , he was just the most perfect drummer of all times , i love his sound , his style , i m addicted to zep i was very impressed of some metal drummers of the 90s named joey jordison of slipknot and especially Brann from Mastodon : (cool drumming ) all of them are BIG Bonzo Fans , and if you ask rock or jazz drummers worldwide and make a poll , then it would be so clear that John Henry Bonham is the Nr1 drummer in the world john , we miss you
  16. i would ask him abot stagefright , was it a problem on beginning or at later shows ? his voice is so great , and wide spreadet from hard rock voice to angel singing , plant is just great
  17. thats also what i think ,a "summer song" one of the first songs that i play on the guitar , whats cool about this song is that page plays the slide solo live very well what shows me hes genius
  18. wow great ! that must be a cool piece !
  19. definetley i must say i love my O.C.D. from Fulltone , greatest overdrive pedal , try it , and you want it
  20. what do you think of the O.C.D. from fulltone ? , i have one and i think its a great overdrive pedal which have nice features (like 9 v to 18 volt switching) as a distortion i use the Boss MetalZone II a mxr phase 90 ( love it , for some authentic sounds) , a zakk wylde wha ( with original Fasel conductors)
  21. start with the easyest songs of zep ,and make brakes between the exercises , shake the fingers , and strongen them (>riff grip , or a tennis ball for finger strengh) , listen intensiveley and much to the original songs , learn the riffs slow till you can play them in sleep , then get faster , but this are only some tips on a long way
  22. you all have some nice guitars , i bought a black 54 style road worn stratocaster , because first of all i like stratocasters with the thick one piece maple neck very hard ! and since ive had one in my hand i say "wow , this mexican build strat feels and sounds like an 3000 $ fender from custom shop !" i bought it and i m happy with , but i want also a gibson les paul , theyre so expensive
  23. first i must say that i learn led zeppelin riffs on guitar since 15 or more years , and i `ve heard every record a thousand times , because there is NO guitar sound that thrills me more than Pagey `s<_< i play rock n roll very well , stairway , heartbreaker (the solo just 50 % and i fill the rest with my own interpretation) , train kept a rollin , Kashmir , dazed and confused (solo only 50 %) , and many others , but now i must say that i Pre ordered the new marshallAFD (appetite for destruction) 100 watt head , because i also like the lead sound on "appetite for destruction" (GnR) very , this sound combinied with led zep riffs should be KILLER SOUND , because this amp have a sweet singing and overdriven tone , i will make vids of zeppelin covers with this setup , but i think it comes next year ...
  24. very funny , i think this foto is taken from a 70 tv serial "Daktari" its about a bush animal doctor and his family , i liked it a lot as a child back in the 70s the name of the lion is clarence
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