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  1. Calm down will you? Thank you for letting me know the underwear is part of a planned event. That is really good to know. I really did have my place broken into and have some stolen. The guy in the military (Russell Williams) who is now in prison for murder broke into 82 homes and stole their underwear before he committed the murders. He murdered the female soldier on my birthday and I had been brutally beaten back in 1982, so there are good reasons for me being freaked out and looking for answers. Okay? Can you please understand that. As far as the font goes, it does also spell bid Lod and I wanted to know whose idea it was to use it for the video. It is possible you know, that someone else involved in making that video used it without Roberts' knowing what it could refer to. Have you considered that? Even in the movie TSRTS they are playing a board game at the beginning that deals with strange concepts, so the theme may have continued. You want to call a spade a spade? Stop being so paranoid and let me work on finding whose been involved. If you calm down enough, I'll show you another couple of photos that will prove my point. Do you think you can calm down instead of hurling your insults? Some people are happy I'm back so stop it. You started a thread on Zeppelin mysteries, but when it comes to real mysteries, you get freaked out as all fuck.
  2. He's on the radio right now. Do you think he stuff's that bulge? In that article Danny posted, Ted Nugent could easily give me nightmares. That is one very creepy dude.
  3. grasphinx


    Good luck with your exams, and just ignore me, alright? There's a few people that need to read my posts and they will. Don't worry, I won't be offended by being ignored.
  4. Would anybody know why this font was chosen for this video. It can easily be interpreted as bid Lod. Does anyone here know what's been going on in Lod? Alot of people have been getting killed. Especially since Lod is the only word in the font text itself using a capital letter, it can easily be referencing the place and the crime levels there from Organized Crime have gone way through the roof. The cops can't handle it.
  5. grasphinx


    I didn't say all of you. Some people. Anyhow, I don't want to talk about it too much. I don't want to piss off the admins. I'm looking for answers before anyone else gets hurt, okay?
  6. No bites on that photo? Come on guys. I had my last apartment broken into and had two pairs of undies stolen and it was supposed to be safe housing. They had put the locks on the door of my place and my neighbor backwards so that it would be easier to break in.We found that out when we had our locks changed. They eventually had to hack off my door handle because it totally jammed from how messed up the lock got. They literally took down the massive sign for the Royal Bank of Canada on Portland Street. 44 Portland (the year Jimmy was born). There's weird shit going down. And with what Russell Wiliams had been doing..... it's not funny.
  7. grasphinx


    Because there was alot going on in the Zeppelin world that was kept hidden. And contrary to popular belief, it wasn't Jimmy's doing.
  8. grasphinx


    Hi Danny. Nice to see you too. Seriously. You have refined your sense of humour. You've had me cracking up big time a couple of times already in the past couple of days. Anyhow, I am used to those kinds of insults, both from people who don't really know what's been going on and from people who are worried that I know so much.
  9. Sorry, I was a little freaked out about the mention of the RBC building. I was wondering if RBC did in fact stand for Royal Bank of Canada which I checked.... What the fuck am I talking about? I want to know what the fuck Robert has been up to for decades. I think Robert's been involved in a game he doesn't want to talk about. RBC, Royal Bank of Canada. That blue drum was from the multicultural festival here a couple of years ago. One of the RBC banks in Ontario got firebombed last year and they took down the huge sign for the one here that was able to be seen from the harbour. The sand test? That's what I call having sand thrown at my face twice on the beach in the summer of '08 by some big Israeli beefcake. I walked right up to him, got right into his face and said... What the fuck do you think you're doing.... the second time he did it. The album was released on my parents anniversary. Please be patient. I have alot of questions and I need help. I don't want to get kicked off. I just got out of safe housing that I was in for two years because my life had been threatened, and I have had numerous attempts on my life since I was a child. I am rightfully looking for answers. I have alot of proof already. I'm not talking bullshit. This is the only photo I have been able to find of the RBC building on Portland St. You see the large cement block on the top? It used to have a massive RBC sign that could be seen from the harbour. It was taken down when the branch in Ontario got firebombed last year,
  10. Oh nice, have you ever heard the following album? It is incredible. Sergio & Odair Assad Play Rameau, Scarlatti, Couperin, Bach I found a clip. The first piece is from the album....
  11. Hang on to your seat. When did you tell me that by the way.... The guitar is a hand made Morgan, probably one of the earliest as it doesn't have a serial number, only a signature in silver ink. I bought it on what turns out to be the anniversary of the date of this newscast of Britain ready for war which I didn't know until Remembrance day this year, just last week.... Aug. 23, 1939: Britain is ready for war
  12. This is really important. Can someone please shed some light on the issue of underwear? Is this part of a game? If someone can answer me, I can show you a very, very interesting photo.
  13. RBC? Expand on that please. Hang on, I'll check if it's on Wiki.... Holy Shit.... This is getting very, very interesting. No wonder a certain someone didn't want me doing any research. I should question Robert about the sand test. And there was a firebombing at the RBC building in Ontario. They took the sign off the main branch of the RBC building here (probably in fear of being attacked) and there's more. In light of this information, I am going to post a photo of Robert to the Photo Mysteries thread. If anyone can help me with some information on it, I would greatly appreciate it.
  14. Who is it then? It's very cool. I used to hear that when I was a kid. I want to know who recorded it.
  15. grasphinx


    Gawharet el Fan (the makers of the drum) plus images of drummers. I ordered the drum from Jerusalem, it's made in Egypt and it arrived on Christmas Eve and the person sent me a gift of postcards for all of the Jerusalem Gates. That's awesome news about getting a response that quickly. I really hope it comes to fruition for you.
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