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  1. That was awesome!! Thanks for sharing that one, Deborah J!!
  2. This was taken from an interview with Jason Bonham at Calgary Sun: How has it all been for you emotionally? It’s been very tough. I’m going to sound like a crybaby, but I get choked up trying to explain it. This is very dear to me. And one of the reasons I won’t be telling stories live is I don’t think I’d get through it, especially with people cheering. I’d be in bits. I’m choking up now just talking about it. It’s just the way I am. Even when we were rehearsing Stairway to Heaven for the (London show), we came to the drum part and I kinda got choked. Robert saw I was sad, so he joked, ‘Erm, you’re not going to do that on the night, are you? Because there’s nothing worse than watching a fat bald drummer cry.’ Jimmy went, ‘Have some compassion, Robert.’ And he said, ‘Well, he’s stupid, blubbering over a bloody song.’ But it was just his way of lightening the load. Robert felt the heaviness — he just recently said the whole thing was too heavy for him, and that’s part of the reason he couldn’t go on with it. Now I get it.
  3. Steve - I want to thank you for the excellent job that you've been doing on keeping us up to speed with Jason and the tour and interviews! I've reposted a few on my website but the one's I read today were some of the best I've read so far, in my opinion. The fantastic solo he does with his dad that Guitar Cener posted has always been one of my favorites and shows just how much respect he has for his dad. I have gained so much more respect for Jason than I ever had during his "BONHAM" years because of his recent endeavors! Anyways... Thank you once again! Please keep up the good work! We really appreciate all of your efforts!!
  4. Looks like it's been a REALLY FAST YEAR!! LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0H1CPnBwa8Q
  5. Great article!! Thanks for reposting! I have the utmost respect for Jason... When I read storys like that or watch videos like the Guitar Center Drum Off solo he does with his dad it brings a tear of joy to my eyes! I don't know which Bonham is the luckier between Jason and John... "Jason" for having been blessed with not only a father like John Bonham but to be as talented as he was also... Or "John" for having a son who shows him as much love and respect as Jason does!
  6. Deborah - I've been been enjoying your many Jason Bonham's LZE video posts! I've put a few of them up on my website that's dedicated to his dad at Bonzo Bros. Drums! I see you are getting pumped up for his show! Don't know if I'll make one but I look foreward to reading your review! I'm sure it will be worth reposting and less wordy than Steve's...

  7. Look forward to many conversations!

  8. I was reading your earlier posts here - do you have any other photo programs? I have never used the Windows Paint much but I use Microsoft's Picture It! to edit my pictures and after I hit the button on my keyboard that says "PrtScn/SysRq", I use Picture It! and under the File button I select "New" and a plain white "picture" opens in it. It is the same dimentions as my monitor screen and I click "Done". Then I can right click on the white picture (canvas Picture It! calls it) and "Paste" is an option. Adjust it to fit the canvas and save it. Then you can upload it to an online photo storage site like Photobucket (free version is all I use) that will give you different ways to share the photo. Each will have it's own code beside these types of methods: Email & IM / Direct Link / HTML Code / IMG Code. For this site you would use the Direct Link code and copy it - then where ever you want to insert the photo into your post click on the button above the text box with the photo on it between the Link and Email buttons, paste the photo's code and click done! Hope that helps someone...?? Oops! Edited for spelling! Duh!
  9. Deborah - I have to agree with you... That is an awesome clip! I hope you don't mind but I added it to the home page on my website at Bonzo Bros. Drums. Your enthusiasm for Zeppelin is appreciated and quite contageous! I hope you have a night to remember at the JBLZE show!! Take care...
  10. Question: How did you get the photo to attach to your post like that? The photo button above asks me for a url address and the attachments below gives just a thumbnail view unless you click on it...??
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