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  1. What about the famous Chicago "75 show with WTLB? What's out there is pretty horrible!
  2. I listened to my copy 4 or 5 times today. Solid performance, soundboard a little sterile, Plant's vocals sound a little rough in spots (maybe still a touch of the flu from February) Jimmy sounds decent. A 7.5 performance in my opinion.
  3. The new previously unreleased 3-3-75 soundboard Fort Worth, Tx. Loving it!!!
  4. I just got it listening to it now. Jimmy is blazing through No Quarter!
  5. Yes I agree,it's really getting frustrating!! It would have to be extremely amazing to make up of 30 years of non-activity. Jimmy is by far the biggest waste of talent on the planet. This guy shut down in his prime which is so disheartening. I believe he retired years ago without telling any of us! Sad
  6. I will have this ASAP. Let me know who's interested.
  7. I would much rather have him start releasing the live soundboard stuff he has. I'll take like "75 San Diego, Long Beach or "77 LA Forum.
  8. In my opinion Houston "77 may be a better performance than Listen To This Eddie. Bonham was on fire!!
  9. They didn't Play it (Tea For One) live because it's essentially the same song as Since I've Been Loving You. And Since I've Been Loving You is much more popular and had a much better solo that would be more exciting live that's what they went with it. And they played Since I've Been Loving You every tour since the third album and even before. So there was no room for Tea-For-One
  10. No offense taken ZEP HEAD. Us Zep fans have to stick together.
  11. Thanks Zep Head I've been on for years just never posted.
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