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  1. Led Zepagain is a Los Angeles based cover band. They were invited as guests to the O2 concert. We talked to them there. They are playing the exact set of the Dec. 10th concert on Saturday Jan.5, 2008 in Hollywood. They're pretty good. http://zepagain.com
  2. On Sunday after we got our wristbands we were hanging out talking with the first guys in line for the floor seats. It was about 6:00. All of a sudden we could hear music from within, very muffled. We could make out Good Times/Bad Times. We were grabbing each other and jumping up and down! We couldn't believe we were hearing the sound check! Everybody stood silently leaning as close as we could trying to make out the songs...it was very muffled. We could hear Ramble On and IMTOD. Then we noticed many of the fans were slipping past a barricade that was unguarded and sneaking in! One of
  3. I don't want to add it up individually but it was well over $4000. But the experience of a lifetime. The concert, the fans I met, the soundcheck (yes we got in!). Best thing I ever did..........!!!!
  4. Do any of you have this problem....when I click on Insert Image, it asks for a URL and not a location on my computer. Can't figure out how to change it and nothing about it in the "help" section. So can't figure out how to do pictures when I need a URL.....any suggestions?
  5. Thanks for the reviews....and from one of the excited Americans, may I say thank you for all the great hospitality that we all recieved during our stay...!
  6. I think Jason did great. Like Drummerman88 said, if you want to see Zeppelin, who else would you want to take his place? And go listen to this interview with Jason: http://www.4shared.com/file/31902685/483a1...minterview.html He was so excited and honored! Not only is he the son, he's a true fan. He refers to them as Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Robert and Uncle John Paul. It was such a great moment when he bowed to them at the end. I know some of you are purists, I understand, but how lucky were we all to experieince this?
  7. Hi Lisa,

    I am flying out on Fri. afternoon and will arrive London Sat. midday. I will give you a call to hook up for dinner after my buddy and I are settled at hotel.

    We are both married with kids so you should be in good company as we are very low key and it would be fun to meet others from the LA area who were lucky enought o score a ticket. So you feel confortable here is my cel

  8. I love what you wrote. Everybody's been evaluating how they'll be or what if they arent't that good, etc. Hell I don't care! I am so thrilled that I will be standing there hearing the opening of any song - it is a great privilege. Who cares if they're not perfect or Robert's voice is different, or Jimmy's fingers are old -haha - it's THEM!! I will be cheering loudly no matter what!!!!!
  9. Are any of you meeting up on Saturday....would love to find some fans. Thanks, Lisa
  10. Hi LZgirl, I arrive at Heathrow a little after you- 11:30 on British Airways from LA. I'm sure we'll spot others in the airport! Hope to see you, Lisa
  11. Ha-ha same here! London at Christmastime for a California girl? I'll probably even wear my pink wool coat even though I'll stand out like a tourist...
  12. Hi Suze, I'm also coming solo and will also be at that party - sounds good! Lisa
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