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  1. (D'Yer M'aker) have to admit with this song Ive always thought it was a really bad song, some people might respect it but personally feel its Zep trying to be soomething they are not, so Im going to agree it should not have been included. The quote was by Raymond Williams an anthropologist but no idea why I added this, seems quite silly now. Have to admit as well Live recordings always add a special something to an album, that close your eyes and place your self within the crowd type of feeling! Have a few albums by Jeff Buckley which are live recordings, another genius which I will nev
  2. The Mothership was released in 2008 and what a compilation of Zep classics, a journey of musical craftmanship which we all love im sure. The question is their any songs you wish were on the album and which were not? For me disk 1 is real Led Zeppelin the stuff I love, the jealousy is also wihtin my heart on the whole CD. I wish I was in my 20's in the early-mid 70's not only were the band at their peak but so were the songs Stairway to heaven, black dog, whole lotta love and of course kashmir being my personal favourite. Disk 2 I like but for a different reason but its not really what I cl
  3. Hi all Sorry I havent replied or sent questions to Magic or Kiwi Ive been at my parents, they dont have the internet. Will post questions onto you Many Thanks,
  4. Hi Mcseven and Deborah many thanks for your replies, really appreciate it. Magic thanks ill forward the questions on
  5. Thanks Cecil As part of the project into fandom I decided the best way to gain a fuller insight into Led Zep fans was asking those on this site for their view points. As an ongoing project I appreciate your feedback 8-). Please find attatched a copy of the questions. Also if other Zep fans can look at the attatchment I would be very happy for your feedback Questions on Led Zeppelin fandom Have you got any tattoos of Led Zeppelin and how do you feel this expresses your fandom. How do you feel about tribute bands, are there any that you
  6. Hi all I am doing a dissentation on Led Zeppeplin and fandom and was wondering if there are fans who can provide ten minutes asking a few questions, I would very much appreciate your feedback into why Zeppelin mean what they do to you. Please reply to this post if you can help. Many Thanks 8-)
  7. Hi all Zep fans Im doing a 5000 word essay into fandom, my fandom choice is Led Zep and was wondering if I could get fans to answer a few questions. It is a series of about 5-8 questions and will take about 5 mins to complete! To all those willing to take part I will forward my final work onto you,. Could you please let me know if you can help and I will forward the document to you. Many Thanks Rob Biggs
  8. Reswati man much appreciation for the youtube video, I currently live in Cardiff 'a great city' really quite big on rock music and decent bands, everything Plant said was right though a certain look to a certain club. Kiwi JPJ fair play not many people go for him as the fave member but I feel its really interesting you like him as you feel personally connected to his actual life persona, rather then on stage.
  9. Cheers for the link some really cool tattoos on their, have to admit its making really tempted to get the symbols down my leg.
  10. Recently joined this forum, its great that their are communities online that fans can discuss stories, nostalgia and other related material. Im 24 discovered Zep when I was about 19, a late developer into real music and sound before hip hop destriyed the musical landscape par a few modern bands. My favourite member has always been Plant something about his on stage persona 'though only seen through a variety of videos', blogs and old TV shows from the 70's. The question is who is your fav member of the band, have you got a favourite?
  11. Hi all hope your well? Hi does anyone have a Led Zep tattoo, How does it make you feel to have a band symbol as an extension of your self?
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