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  1. The Dead Weather - Horehound Leonard Cohen - The Future When I got home I realized the case of horehound was empty so I had to go back to the record store...the guy behind the counter had given me the empty case from the shelf and not the one from behind the desk with the actual product. Hah, I was pissed off for a while but soon forgot about it all when I realized what silly mistake it had been.
  2. Just...loneliness. The weekends seem worst. It's not really the lack of friends, but the lack of something more for quite some while now... and the fact that I have a poorly paid, unsecure job. I am really good at what I do but there seems to be no damn reward whatsoever. The summer will be here in a few months though and things will hopefully look a lot better then. I'll even have three weeks of holidays for once.
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