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  1. Does anyone know if there is a site or anything that sells a belt buckle like Robert's? I have searched and found nothing, any information would be appreciated. Also, what is the origin of Robert's belt buckle? Hand made, production, etc?
  2. I've only been playing for a day but I learned Seven Nation Army and Smoke on the Water so far, and I was just wondering the easiest song to play. I feel like I'm a quick learner, so please help me out here and give me a few songs :] Thanks
  3. Thanks for the suggestion Does anyone have a list of every song, though?
  4. I don't know any but Bring it on Home :/ could some one enlighten me?
  5. Keys, in all of the zeppelin songs (Bring it on home, when the levee breaks, you shook me, etc)
  6. In songs like bring it on home, you shook me, when the levee breaks, etc, what keys were they played iin?
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