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  1. BBC Radio 6 Nada Surf is playing right now. Doing a live set with a Smith's Cover of There is A Light. Pretty tame.
  2. iTune downloads this month - Kate Nash - Foundations EP Bats For Lashes - What's A Girl to Do - Single The Yardbirds - For Your Love The Yardbirds - Heart Full of Soul The Yardbirds - The Shapes of Things Last CD purchased - Bloc Party - Silent Alarm (but that was a while back, been doing the download thing lately to see how it works.)
  3. That is one of my favorite tunes by Led Zeppelin. I am still amazed at the depth of sound and sonic texture of the first album. Especially for the amount of time it took to record and finish. As a production it is my favorite sounding album, and the Tele through the Supro just cuts and bites perfectly.
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