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  1. One of the most eclectic rosters of nominees in recent memory. Beastie Boys The Cure Donovan Eric B. & Rakim Guns 'N Roses Heart Joan Jett & the Blackhearts Freddie King Laura Nyro Red Hot Chili Peppers Rufus with Chaka Khan The Small Faces/The Faces The Spinners Donna Summer War
  2. good point, but there were some hardcore r.E.M. fans that felt they "sold out" when The One I Love climbed the Billboard charts back in 1985, lol
  3. I'll give you $38.37 [American] and a like-new cd of AC~DC's If You Want Blood You Got It/I'm poor so that's the best I can do--but I really want it
  4. I agree, we can't take polls too seriously, especially these polls FOXNews try to pass off as consensus. HA! what a joke!
  5. lol Is that all you took from my comments? Because A) I don't get annoyed by stupid polls, smart polls or even average-intelligence polls. I'm just not that impressed with a listing of a handful of persons' opinions that pretend to represent a valid demographic. and I try to keep a sense of humor about shit like that. and C) I'm just a song and dance guy. So ♫ let me entertain you ♪ let me calm ye nerves ♫ Good question though....soooo.... does anyone else think I need anger management classes? lol **violently smashin' guitar into smithereens** ooopsie daisies musta lost it for a sec there
  6. Rolling Stone Readers Pick the Top Ten Bassists of All Time Sir Paul McCartney is a brilliant musician, let me get that out of the way right off, but.... I was disappointed with his inclusion in this list (on a purely technical level), but then my disappointment vehemently escalated into a fury of sorts when I clicked on the Paul McCartney video some bonehead selected to represent him as one of the premiere bassists of all time (TOTAL FAIL!). Certainly not a second place caliber performance. Geddy Lee is rightfully in the mix/ he's an incredible bassist. Les Claypool is a freak with magic dancing fingers. Cool. Entwistle is a dynamo and imho deserves his humble position on the list. Master of Puppets is my absolute favorite Cliff Burton album. That kid had potential. I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but I question Flea's inclusion here. Vic Wooten is another great bass player that made the cut. Jack Bruce is another legendary figure on the list, but again I have to question the video sample they chose to support their claim...not buying it! (another FAIL!) Jaco Pastorius made the list too, probably influenced by Jann Wenner ...he's a huge Joni Mitchell fan and I think she must have some dirt on the publisher. So certainly you're gonna include her bass player in something like this, right? It's all politics/ just like little league baseball is.... and there's another guy on the list too m'man JPJ, ______ but here I'm again questioning position. Flea stole John Paul's spot if you ask me! I need to get the Frontline spray out and take care of that pesky little varmint! ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( and a word about that 100 greatest artists of all time. They could have squeezed a few more in there if they'd have combined The Band with Bob Dylan, Dr Dre with N.W.A., Eric Clapton with Cream, Carl Perkins with Elvis (Presley not Costello) etc etc... I'll tell ya, the bias in these sorts of thing is so obviously swayed to please pockets of the population. I love Etta James as much as the next guy but I'd have put her somewhere around 316 or 317 NOT 18th or where ever the hell they had her at/ with all due respect, ...rest her soul... I especially love when she sings Son Of A Preacher Man. and another thing; I submit that perhaps it's time Rap and HipHop should have it's own Hall Of Fame and 100 Lists and other cool stuff like that. There's just so many in the Hip Hop community getting left out of the fun cause of all those danged ole rock and roll bands and heavy metalists ....just sayin' Black Sabbath was in the 90s on this currant Top 100 List___in another 10 years am I to assume they won't even make the cut because Beyouncy, KISS, Peter Paul & MinnieMouse or Law&Order's own Ice-T will have garnered enough community support to bump Ozzy and the boys clean into the 200s? Early 200s I'm sure, but still! I'll have to seriously question the validity of [insert deity here] if that shit happens!
  7. It's amazing how their songs seemed to point to tragedy and yet they are so peaceful and soothing at the same time. Who else did that? Behind Led Zeppelin, Alice In Chains is my 2nd favorite group of all time. Then of coarse R.E.M. All three represented the final decades of the 20th century imo__the 70's belonged to Led Zeppelin, the 80's saw R.e.M. challenging the rules of rock stardom and the 90's may be attributed to Kurt and his train wreck but there was a sound that over shadows that and time will reveal the truth. Musically, Alice In Chains was much more than a novelty............ and always will be....
  8. DON'T LAY IT ON ME MAN CAUSE YOU CAN'T AFFORD A TICKET! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwT2YfKIAJw&feature=related
  9. wow, these home videos are from the Music Bank video set..... AWESOME! god they were all so young back then...
  10. I found this on Baldy's blog a while ago, thought I'd share it.... Baldy has been with Alice since they played the bars and warehouses around Seattle. He documents their career in photos and video religiously. he's the 5th Beatle you might say. He's made it easy for Jerry and the boys to concentrate on the music all these years. From Baldy's blog, written the night we lost Mikey...... Alice In Chains' main page I've spent a lot of time tonight watching old home video from the studio as Mike, Layne, Jerry & Sean recorded Facelift. It's been so long, but in some ways it feels like yesterday. Everyone was so young, so excited, and as silly as it may sound; things were so much fun at that point in time. And that's a word I keep coming back to as I try and wrap my head around the loss of another friend. Mike Starr was fun. He was a carefree spirit; quick with a joke or a laugh or a silly face, and always fun to spend time with. He loved being a musician, and he loved being in a band. And he was great at it. The guy was a rock star before he stepped on his first stage. I think Mike lost a part of himself once he was out of the band, and he spent the remainder of his life trying to fill the void. I hadn't seen Mike in several years though, so I can't speak to his battles and struggles. What I can speak to is the guy I remember from what seems like so long ago. Mike was immensely talented, and took enormous pride in the band he helped create. He was a monstrous bass player, and a monstrously good time to hang out with. He was a good friend, and tonight especially I'm trying to focus on the great times we had together. As I watch these tapes from 22 years ago I keep coming back to a line Jerry wrote in Your Decision; "No one plans to take the path that brings you lower". Mike and Layne were both good people who made bad choices, and the weight of those choices was something they could never get out from under. But neither of them intended for things to turn out the way they did, and neither of them deserved it. Mike Starr was a founding member of Alice In Chains, and he was a participant in Celebrity Rehab, and for good or bad, those things are what make up part of the headline tonight. I'm choosing to focus on the Mike Starr that was my friend though. A good person who deeply loved his family, friends, and fans, and who was deeply loved in return. He will be missed... -Baldy
  11. You know what they say about the 90's right_______if you remember them, then you weren't there! **puff-puff pass**
  12. ^yeah^ I was gonna tell Luke that there's an -e- in Led Zepp_lin too as well...drives me apeshit when people leave that little sucker out! hehehe The word looks naked without that crucial third -e- ....I think it's a balance factor or some shit, anyways, I digress, where was I? Oh yeah, TypeO seems to have a negative tolerance when the literal police come flashing their badges. I submit ______He may be Lack-Post Intolerant! **rimshot!** I don't listen to much radio anymore either [it's all gone to hell! since Elton John rewrote Candle In The Wind so tragic], but from what I can tell, Lady Gaga is the most dynamic thing going on in pop music right now. And don't EVEN get me started on Madonna being inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. grrrrrr are you kidding me? WTF? ♪♫ oh like a virgin la la la somethin' somethin' very worst time♪♫ that's about all I remember anyways________she's a lame egotistical bitch with an inflated sense of self importance! imho **awaiting hail of bullets** be gentle______remember, I'm only a toddler ________________________________ card carrying member of He-Man Bieber Haters Local 151
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