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  1. good point, but there were some hardcore r.E.M. fans that felt they "sold out" when The One I Love climbed the Billboard charts back in 1985, lol
  2. It's amazing how their songs seemed to point to tragedy and yet they are so peaceful and soothing at the same time. Who else did that? Behind Led Zeppelin, Alice In Chains is my 2nd favorite group of all time. Then of coarse R.E.M. All three represented the final decades of the 20th century imo__the 70's belonged to Led Zeppelin, the 80's saw R.e.M. challenging the rules of rock stardom and the 90's may be attributed to Kurt and his train wreck but there was a sound that over shadows that and time will reveal the truth. Musically, Alice In Chains was much more than a novelty............ and always will be....
  3. DON'T LAY IT ON ME MAN CAUSE YOU CAN'T AFFORD A TICKET! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwT2YfKIAJw&feature=related
  4. wow, these home videos are from the Music Bank video set..... AWESOME! god they were all so young back then...
  5. I found this on Baldy's blog a while ago, thought I'd share it.... Baldy has been with Alice since they played the bars and warehouses around Seattle. He documents their career in photos and video religiously. he's the 5th Beatle you might say. He's made it easy for Jerry and the boys to concentrate on the music all these years. From Baldy's blog, written the night we lost Mikey...... Alice In Chains' main page I've spent a lot of time tonight watching old home video from the studio as Mike, Layne, Jerry & Sean recorded Facelift. It's been so long, but in some ways it feels like yesterday. Everyone was so young, so excited, and as silly as it may sound; things were so much fun at that point in time. And that's a word I keep coming back to as I try and wrap my head around the loss of another friend. Mike Starr was fun. He was a carefree spirit; quick with a joke or a laugh or a silly face, and always fun to spend time with. He loved being a musician, and he loved being in a band. And he was great at it. The guy was a rock star before he stepped on his first stage. I think Mike lost a part of himself once he was out of the band, and he spent the remainder of his life trying to fill the void. I hadn't seen Mike in several years though, so I can't speak to his battles and struggles. What I can speak to is the guy I remember from what seems like so long ago. Mike was immensely talented, and took enormous pride in the band he helped create. He was a monstrous bass player, and a monstrously good time to hang out with. He was a good friend, and tonight especially I'm trying to focus on the great times we had together. As I watch these tapes from 22 years ago I keep coming back to a line Jerry wrote in Your Decision; "No one plans to take the path that brings you lower". Mike and Layne were both good people who made bad choices, and the weight of those choices was something they could never get out from under. But neither of them intended for things to turn out the way they did, and neither of them deserved it. Mike Starr was a founding member of Alice In Chains, and he was a participant in Celebrity Rehab, and for good or bad, those things are what make up part of the headline tonight. I'm choosing to focus on the Mike Starr that was my friend though. A good person who deeply loved his family, friends, and fans, and who was deeply loved in return. He will be missed... -Baldy
  6. "One of the top ten guitar players of all time" _____________________________Bono of U2 In 1971 he was voted Melody Maker's International Top Musician of the Year, ahead of Eric Clapton.
  7. Rory was brilliant! he wore that poor Stratocaster out for real
  8. I'm ready to go swimming! Come on Spring!

  9. Hi Xander, welcome to the occupation where we propagate confusion and leap the sprinklers... I read your post...very cool!

    I'm Dee

  10. Van Gogh is brilliant....

    just sayin'

  11. we can dance if we wannu -- we can leave your friends behind cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance well they're no friends of mine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7movKfyTBII
  12. I assume Osaka, Japan isn't near the tsunami devastation?
  13. but they are all really really good!
  14. essential rem albums include, Document, Reckoning, Up, New Adventures in Hi-Fi and Automatic For The People....imho
  15. Jar of Flies is one of my favorite albums by any band. And I have several favorite songs like Would?, We Die Young, Them Bones, What The Hell Have I?, and Rotten Apple
  16. Been a fan since early 90s Love all their stuff Yes, seen them live and loved it I have a copy of Bittersweet Me (Memphis sound check) -- not sure how rare it is but.... I have several "favorite" songs but the one's at the top of the heap are Find The River, Oddfellows Local 151 and Harborcoat New Adventures in Hi-Fi is my favorite album favorite member? HA! Buck is my favorite guitar player in REM, and Michael is my favorite lyricist in REM, and Mike Mills is my favorite person batting clean-up.... and I miss Bill Berry
  17. I never really cared for them until I went to my first [of 4] show, and I "got it" ...I play drums so when Bun E. Carlos started his ambidextrous snare switching without missing a split second...I was sold. Rick may write the most simple pieces in rock and roll but he makes up for the depth with his brilliant showmanship and endurance. Those 5 neck units can cause back spasms hehehe I love the Clock Strikes Ten... I have the song list and snare drum head Bun E used one night. He popped o hole in the snare DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO POP A HOLE IN A SNARE? Pretty hard hehe He beats the f*****g shit outta them like Bonzo did. The stage shakes...
  18. I love the tandem of Bron-Yr-Aur followed by Down By The Seaside it's not as tight as Heartbreaker/Livin'Lovin'Maid, but it's an awesome combo anyway
  19. Presence....today, tomorrow it might be Physical Graffiti or In Through The Out Door, idk...
  20. Bron-yr-aur hands down the most emotionally packed piece of music without words...
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