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  1. Fender hasn't been making any REAL fenders post cbs 1964. :] Well I'm either looking to sell or trade $1000 obo plus shipping Paypal please
  2. Hey guys first post here, though I'm not sure if this is the right spot I thought i would try here. I am no scammer, I am mostly on the Gibson forms. Up for sale is highly customized Elita 51' P-Bass reissue. Designed to recreate the John Paul Jones bass that he used. It is a serious eye catcher. Great "stripped" look that JPJ had. The bass is a fantastic player. The bass all together weights only 7 Pounds! It has a shaven Jazz neck and custom cut bone nut for extremely low action, this bass practically plays it's self. One of the coolest features is the 6-way Varitone Selector switch. These are commonly found on Gibson EB basses and Acoustic 360 use something similar. They are a Bass/Mid/Treble Boost. A fantastic feature for any bass player who uses a multitude of tones through out a performance. You can check out other basses he has built (bikebassnut) and at Certainbass.com. Keep in mind this not a stock model I am selling, this is $2,000 worth of parts and labor put into it. I am sad to sell this bass, since I am no longer in Led Zeppelin tribute band. I am looking to trade for a vintage Gibson, Rickenbacker, Fender Jazz, or other vintage style basses Here are some high detailed pictures http://s869.photobucket.com/albums/ab260/jessenoah/stuff%20to%20sell/ [url=http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/member-classifieds/103439-trade-pair-vintage-style-parts-basses.html] Here is some specs Fender Ash Body Lindy Fralin Pick Up Gotoh Tuners Fender vintage style bridge Fender Jazz neck *Custom thin profile, custom hand cut bone nut Varitone 6 selector switch. Comes with Fender Hard shell case
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