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  1. We can agree to disagree. Your attempts to justify your position indicates to me you would applaud any and all members of Led Zeppelin no matter what they do. And Plant and Krauss never went in the studio to record! That just shows me your reaching like many of your other posts. This board is really full of blind mice; those who just want to believe!
  2. Plant teaming with a world renowed artist such as Allison Krauss was not a risk. It was mainstream Americana. It WAS a sellout in my opinion; a well played out sell-out. He could and did sing in lower keys and just made himself look sexy behind a cute blonde. If u don't thing the video "gone gone gone wasn't cheesy then your pretending. Jimmy had to be just laughing his butt off. Robert sold out pure and simple and then pulled back wisely. It was not going out on a limb! He sang other peoples songs in lower keys with a very talented and respected artist. No risk at all!! A second go
  3. Where did you get your info that it was Coverdale's idea or that he insisted they play large halls? I would think Page had also wished to play large halls, but as we know the American tour was quietly cancelled before it even started due to low interest. Yes, many of the Firm shows were half empty; it's normal....any big band breaking apart and touring as indivulas in a newer band would experience the same thing. There is just little interest in someone who is not vital to current trends. I disagree that Page could draw large crowds by himself. Robert could because he has been far more act
  4. This is an interesting thread. We cant assume, but based on what we feel and think we know it is tempting to share opinions. What seems clear, but maybe not totally accurate, to me is that Robert and Jimmy do get along overall, but have differences in musical direction and how they want to be seen. Robert wants to play new material in a more casual atmosphere; smaller halls and a lighter approach to the music. Jimmy, so he has shown us over the years, will not tour in small halls and wants to keep Zeppelin music at the forefront; not to change style or direction much. Nothing wrong with e
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