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  1. BC, You may need to rephrase that statement my friend...what Jimmy wanted, Jimmy got. Times have changed now.....he wants a reunion, but it doesn't seem he'll be getting one......
  2. [3:If I recall correctly , this is the one show on the LA run that Mike Millard missed........... Oops.........I have a correction....Mike Millard missed 2 shows from the 6 night LA run. It seems he was not at the shows from the 22nd AND the 26th. Sorry about that..
  3. Mr. Page joins the Black Crowes on stage in London, 7/13/11
  4. 1: Unknown taper (listed as such at many Zep sites) 2: I don't know 3:If I recall correctly , this is the one show on the LA run that Mike Millard missed. As for sources for the other nights I know of 2 or 3 sources for the 21st, 3 for the 22nd, 1 for the 25th, 2 for the 26th, & 1 for the 27th. Again this is info I recall from reading posts/info at various Zep sites so............. 4: Not sure what info LA tapers were privy too but I will ASSume that there were numerous tapers at all shows but more releases for the 23rd due to Moon's appearence & the fact that the fine quality of FB
  5. Prosecution should never have tried for the murder 1/death penalty. A lesser charge or punishment might have had more chance of a guilty verdict. Most jurors need concrete proof before sending someone to their death, even a POS like her. Do I think she did it? Yes. Did the prosecution prove beyond a reasonable doubt she did it? Not IMO, & obviously not in the minds of the jury either. Told my wife she would get off for murder, but not the child endangerment charges. Now that suprised me that she was found "not guilty" on those charges. Your 2 yr. old is missing for a month before y
  6. Strider, The answer is no. Mike Millard did record this concert but his recording didn'y start until SIBLY. The reason being he either had the recorder off or the pause button on, & didn't realize it until SIBLY. The source for the bootleg lp FBO is from a different taper. Somewhere on the internet i saw a comparison of all AUD sources (5 or 6 I think) & what lp's/cd's were sourced from these different recordings .........if I find it again I'll post it for you....but I do know the lp version of FBO is not Mike Millards.
  7. What a show this past saturday at the Beacon in NYC. Mr. Plant was in fine voice, and the members of the Band Of Joy all excell at their respective instruments. The played for slightly under 2 hrs, and except for the opening song of Black dog, I loved every minute of the show. (I just do not like the reworked version of Black Dog.Too slow, too different from the original IMHO). The crowd was loud, & where I was sitting, very much into the show & music.....especially for the Zep tunes. Those songs brought down the house. We did have these 2 young girls, 3 rows or so in front of us,
  8. Sorry I missed out on the interviews....(note to self....next time take your own car into the city so you can leave when you want to leave). My wife & drove into Manhattan with a friend & his girlfriend. Girlfriend had a wee bit too much to drink & didn't want to hang after the show, so I missed out on the interviews. I did see your set-up & we did wait for a bit but there were a few people waiting so we had to leave. I did get to see SuperDave after the show & we chatted for a few minutes. 2nd time we hung out after a show, the first being Plant & the Band Of Joy
  9. I have an lp from that show called "Sweet Jelly Roll". It was released by Rock Solid Records in the mid eighties. To the best of my recollection( it has been a while since I've heard it) there are no Plantations between songs on this version. It too has the cut in to the beginning of TSRTS. I'll check & confirm later.
  10. This is good news. Here's wishing Mr. Plant throws a few "rockers" in the mix. Hopefully! Please!
  11. Thanks for the info Nutrocker. It is too bad that these shows you mention most likely will not be shared. Not sure what happened to make the taper hold onto these shows, but it is a shame that someone @#%&ed it up for the rest of us by pissing off the taper. How great would it be to get a 71 concert with the audio quality of 2/28/75? That would be sweet! Here's hoping that Mr. Taper changes his mind one day. Thanks again for your insight.
  12. A lot of good suggestions here so far. Just wanted to add that the AUD recording from 2/28/75 is really, really good also. I know it was mentioned before in an earlier post but just wanted to throw it out there again. It is not as well known as the great Millard recordings from LA 75 & 77, but it is a good one. Supposedly the taper of this show has one from the 77 tour also, but refuses to share it.
  13. 8 of us are going to the saturday night show at the Beacon....we'll keep an eye out for you & your recorder!
  14. I was also at these ARMS shows at MSG. It was amazing the response Page received when he came on stage. The Garden was shaking!!! The sound of the cheers & screams & applause are something I have yet to again experience. When Jimmy played the opening notes to Stairway, I thought the roof would cave in. It was deafening, and is something I will never forget.. ......you couldn't even hear the music it was so loud. The entire Garden singing the words to STH was the single greatest concert experience I have witnessed/heard!! Yeah it wasn't perfect, & Mr. Page really didn't look
  15. God I hope Mr. Page really does something soon........an album, a tour, a few shows.....anything. I saw him at the ARMS concert, solo, w/ the Firm, both Page & Plant tours, and finally with the Black Crowes ( at Jones Beach Amphitheatre 7/10/2000......if you have not heard this show search it out....awesome playing by Jimmy & the Crowes). But that was over 10yrs ago.....it is time to get out there & rock like we know you can!!!! Plus he isn't, and neither am I, getting any younger.
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