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  1. I'd be very surprised if they were on Guitar hero anytime soon. I wish they would though. My kids would then think they were cool! LOL Kids these days.
  2. I wasn't there but from watching the clips,I'd have to say the wail at the end of WLL. THAT to me is Zeppelin at it's finest!
  3. I agree totally HD. I've been throught the same stages as you. The excitement of that Monday night will never escape my memory. Being on these forums Monday was the next best thing to being there. My wife and kids also think I'm nuts and I DON'T CARE. Someone at work jokingly told me to get a life. I told them I have one and Led Zeppelin is a big part of it!
  4. Something tells me Sir Paul wasn't the only one puffin that night!
  5. Too Fucking Much! They are still probably bragging to their friends how GREAT the show was too!
  6. I agree. How could any father not be proud to see his son follow in his footsteps with as much success as Jason has had. Bonzo would be proud much as Ringo is proud of Zach Starkey's drumming for The Who. No father would find it disrespectful to see their son pay tribute to him.
  7. I thought he said that too! Maybe Dave Grohl? Good Guess Yucko
  8. Great review of the days events. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and opinions with us!
  9. For the first time in my 15 years of marrage my wife caught me crying this morning as I watched 'ole Percy hit the high one on WLL. Oh to have been there in person! Ev you're first post read my mind Bro!
  10. Pittsburgh is in the film! They get off the plane at old Greater Pitt Airport,Drive down the Parkway with a police escort and drive thru the Fort Pitt tunnel into PITTSBURGH. The scene quickly then cuts to MSG in NYC
  11. I'm not going to the show but I'd like to see them open with "In the Light" Probably be "Rock and Roll" though
  12. I saw Robert Plant in Pittsburgh's Civic areana years back and he did open with in the light. It was awesome. The music fade in and no lights and then there he was.
  13. I never saw them. The only band I've never seen that I wanted to!
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