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  1. So I recently came back from seattle... and while I was looking throught mypictures and theres one of this hotel on the water. Soooo today I did my reaserch and turns out its the Edgwater hotel... soud fammiliar... I thought that was funny
  2. On behalf of americans everywhere I would like to thank you all for Rush and would like to know when you are taking Justian Beiber back?
  3. I just finished my first year of high school.. one down three to go
  4. A giant mound of pasta created the universe, well.. it's just as trippy as walikng on water isn't it, or half the stuff in the bible
  5. D'Yer Mak'er is a terrible song... failed attempt at reggae "When I read the letter you sent me, it made me mah mah mad" wow.. thats really bad
  6. After reading the full list, I really don't think you can compare diffrent artists from vastly diffrent genres
  7. On one of the ofther topics somone mentioned, jokingly, the idea of a Zeppelin muscial... Thats not a bad idea... Here's the question for you all to awnser What would a Zep musical be about? I was thinking vikings... but thats just me...
  8. I am Jimmy Page. No I'm not... but I have a teacher that calls me that, only because I played Stairway on my guitar durring class one day. He said "Hey Jimmy Page cut it out I'm trying to teach" Then it just stuck.
  9. I just figured out that the album name meant physically moving pictures it thought it was pictures that moved. WOW I never really looked at the cover. Love that album though...
  10. The band itself: just plain awsome This is how I explain the sound to my friends (they won't actually listen to it) Loudest guitar nosie youv'e ever heard, multiply by four Freight Train (Bonham is AMAZING) nice groove Somone screaming like their having their entrials ripped out while orgasming In the most amazing way possible
  11. I heard them last year and I already liked some stuff from that time period, the who mainly, but I still was at the hight of my punk-ness, but then I heard "Whole Lotta Love" and when plant starts like orgasming with the crazy guitar it blew my fourteen year old mind. I was like this is sooooo much better than Green Day!
  12. Ramble On I heard "Gone with the evil one crept up and slipped away wiht her hair." then I found out the actually line "Gollum the evil one crept up and slipped away wiht her her yeah" I like mine better.
  14. The Who is like my favorite band of all time!!! I can't belevie I just said that on a Zep website! Yes, I love them that much.
  15. Not it's not a McDonalds, don't be silly.....its a Starbuck's. The article said the guys video had been veiwed over 200,000 times which is more than 10x less then Charlie Bit My Finger and a least 1,000x less than Keyboard Cat. So... by useing YouTube math this is not a ligit threat.
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