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  1. dimebag darrell -was getting ready for school and i heard about it on the radio and started crying peter steele-was watching a metal tv show and heard about his death whilst watching thats all the famous deaths i remember
  2. fancy cooking good wine andre the giant
  3. cheeseburgers hot dogs fish sandwiches washed down with a big class of pepsi
  4. rob zombies halloween 2 tonight at 10.30 on one of new zealands movie channels
  5. the first concert i went to which was slayer and mastodon in 2006 cost $65.50 the next was motorhead in 2007 and that cost $74.90 a front row ticket to iron maiden in 2009 cost about $115.00 the ticket i purchased to lamb of god in 2009 was the one of the cheapest i have bought it cost 64.90
  6. i've just started dave mustaines autobiography i've been looking foward to reading it for 6 months now
  7. disturbed with as i lay dying &trivium on may 6th of next year
  8. no i nearly got kicked out of mastodon and slayer about 4 years ago luckily i got some sweet video of slayers set which i bootlegged for some mates of mine and i still have the stub
  9. england wont win the ashes again because ricky ponting has a few aces up his sleeve to surprise england
  10. even though i'm not interested in harry potter any more the new film might be interesting also it might be interesting to see the main characters come of age so to speak in the last two films
  11. there were 29 deaths mate just to clarify that sad isnt it those famillies will never see their husbands brothers and sons again and the children who will have no fathers either
  12. i first heard of zeppelin when i was 11 an older friend of mine gave me a copy of led zeppelin ii and told me that i would really enjoy the album i played every day before school and then a few years later i got the rest of their albums and i have'nt stopped listening to zeppelin since then
  13. there is a good zeppelin tribute band here in nz called nzeppelin i've seen them twice and it blew me away both times
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