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  1. I found this pic on facebook, I believe it's from Jimmy's biography. Could someone put it in better quality? (edited because I forgot to attach the pic)
  2. I think it was that one aen. Thank you very much
  3. I guess how thrilling would have been to receive such a book in such a memorable day great for you that you can have a look at it as much as you want No, it's not that one although it's the same kind of pic. I think it was around 69-70 time, Jimmy had still long hair (if I'm not wrong) and a quite serious expression.
  4. I was able to have a brief look at the book some months ago (I don't own it) and I remember a pic in the right side, a quite impressive close up of Jimmy's face in the same way of the previous that Kiwi_Zep_Fan87 posted, but it wasn't any of the ones that are on the internet, if I'm not wrong. I would be very grateful if you found it, aen
  5. Thanks Cookie, it's really interesting. I love how passionate John is about music. The second quote is also revealing. You've got have a great confidence on yourself so as not to lose heart being so critic. I admire him for that
  6. Although I haven't read the book, I think that a pile of quotes can be also a way to show just one side of the story, because they are out of context and we don't know many things not only about those who say them, but all that happened at the time. We weren't there for good or bad. It's other less noticeable way to write "your own version". (Who hasn't been disliked by some unknown just because other person that dislikes you has been talkin' shit?) So each one must read criticly, trying to keep it on context.This is a general comment, not necesarilly related to the book. Just because I desagree with that of "quotes speak on their own". We must be careful judging people just for a bunch of quotes, because there might be any other not "quoted" side (better or worse) that we don't know. Apart from that, I believe the "pedestal" of Led Zeppelin is actually more involved with their music, not with their personalities. The first issue regarding to Led Zeppelin that always comes out is satanism and all that stuff. Since the first very moment, I knew that Led Zeppelin members were polemical. For most of what I've read, if they are idealized, it's always in their competence as musicians and creators. Hammer of the gods, just to mention an example, has uncomfortable stories about John Bonham too. So I don't see the difference between this or another book when it comes to believe what it says.
  7. Oh my goodness it's fantastic! I love how "Jimmy" keeps safe the hard drive haha!
  8. Same here For my experience, I believe that even knowing someone personally, you cannot completely understand in whole their behaviour. Relationships and minds are really complex and we're all very different. Every statement or judgement that could result from a book made 30 years later is possible mistaken. Not to mention each individual's speculations. We can only have a slight idea but never know the thing as it happened. That's why also stopped for a while reading this thread
  9. Anybody shouldn't be allowed to give a opinion of any person without knowing them personally. This not only applies to Jimmy in this case but to everybody. I don't even bother to enter the site just by reading your quotations. Rubbish
  10. Since I've been loving you debería estar entre las 4 primeras como mínimo... I don't care though, I prefer my own ranking
  11. Laura_Page

    Supermodel Jimmy

    I bet there's no money that can pay the face of self-delight that Mr Page shows in the video, it seems that he's just really pleased with the idea of being model for once in his life. That's my opinion. And nice clothes
  12. Fabulous! Really really beautiful, if only I could afford it...!
  13. Hi people! Before having the tickets for the premiere at Hammersmith Apollo I attended past 12th, I bought one for the screening at the Cineworld Haymarket in London next Wednesday at 18:00. Since I have already watched the film and don't live in London, I want to sell the ticket to make someone enjoy this wonderful concert. Half price! Private message if you're interested (Oh by the way I hope this kind of post is allowed here.. otherwise I'll delete it)
  14. I don't know, I'm wondering the same. My opinion is that they'll arrive late so as to not get stucked between all the crowd entering, but who knows! But for sure they go by any back door or something
  15. A kind of documentary/show with a great amount of minutes of Jimmy playing acoustic guitar Keep dreamin'
  16. Row L, 12th october I'm beyond happy
  17. Beautiful words! Thank you truth and beauty for the article and your review
  18. Same here, Cineworld Haymarket in London! Any one more to go?
  19. I also hope so, but first I must convince someone to go with me!
  20. Thank you for the information Steve Indeed he did look the hair and the full lips slightly remind to those Rossetti's paintings inspired in Jane Burden
  21. By the way, good contribution to the scene. I was to point something out before but I didn't do it because I don't know the model job enough, anyway, to me it seems that some models of the old days like you had more intellectual and artistics interests than now. Now modelling seems to move in a vain and superficial world (I repeat, I don't know the job but that's the impression I receive from media), so it's lovely to see that there were more than "pretty faces" as someone said before, and that makes persons like you admirable in every side
  22. That's it, although I'm a woman. Maybe I identify myself in the wish to be the princess, you know? who else wouldn't want to be rescued in a castle from Middle-Age by a prince like Robert? I remember watching The Song Remains The Same for the first time with a couple of friends who like Led Zep (not as much as me, but enough to enjoy the film). When you appeared in the screen, one of them drop her jaw and said: she's stunning! Have you seen her? That girl is gorgeous! We all agreed (I'm not making anything up). As you can see, you not only arouse admiration between men
  23. About that piece of piano, I have an outtake (don't know if it belongs to the same bootleg of the video) in which this piece is after other guitar tune that is pretty similar in its progression, so if the guitar one does belong to Jimmy, the other one may belong to him as well. What's more, I know I've seen certain photo in which Jimmy is playing a keyboard, as well as some photos from Plumpton Home Studio in which a keyboard can be seen, so I wouldn't deny it is his composition
  24. Wow, a complete artist How can they mock about it? Omg if you were my mother I would be so so proud of you! Anyway, all of you look lovely and cheerful
  25. Thanks for sharing, Kashmir on acoustic gets more shades than usual! This issue about tanning shows how usually people tend to desire what they don't have I'm in one of the most known sunny countries and, after many years getting taned because of being in the swimming pools and sea everyday (and here many people get tanned very quickly, and it's well seen), I've started to appreciate my paleness and now I avoid sun exposure. It also helps what truth and beauty says about the generations warned about dangers of sun, as it's mine. I fear I won't ever want to be as red as Jimmy! At least I hope he's moisturising his skin he he
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