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  1. By the way, good contribution to the scene. I was to point something out before but I didn't do it because I don't know the model job enough, anyway, to me it seems that some models of the old days like you had more intellectual and artistics interests than now. Now modelling seems to move in a vain and superficial world (I repeat, I don't know the job but that's the impression I receive from media), so it's lovely to see that there were more than "pretty faces" as someone said before, and that makes persons like you admirable in every side
  2. That's it, although I'm a woman. Maybe I identify myself in the wish to be the princess, you know? who else wouldn't want to be rescued in a castle from Middle-Age by a prince like Robert? I remember watching The Song Remains The Same for the first time with a couple of friends who like Led Zep (not as much as me, but enough to enjoy the film). When you appeared in the screen, one of them drop her jaw and said: she's stunning! Have you seen her? That girl is gorgeous! We all agreed (I'm not making anything up). As you can see, you not only arouse admiration between men
  3. Wow, a complete artist How can they mock about it? Omg if you were my mother I would be so so proud of you! Anyway, all of you look lovely and cheerful
  4. Wonderful Virginia! It's a pleasure to be able to read the experience from yourself thank you!
  5. I really expected something new, maybe not other one OTD but new features on the web or something like that, however not this again
  6. Has anybody noticed that there is a reflect on Jimmy of someone shooting with his camera...?
  7. With £7,000.00 (or 8,794.73 EUR)... well, I'd better save a bit more of money and have his Gibson signature Les Paul. At least I can play it No, seriously. With that money I could pay for almost two years the renting of a gorgeous flat (that of course I can't afford now) only for me in the heart of my city. That says it all!
  8. I really thought this was a joke... Honestly, what is this about? 7.000 pounds for a signed photo? As much as I love Jimmy, does he think it's fair asking that money for that? I could understand his worthy biography, the LP's re-editions, they were not the most desired things he could release but ok. But this? Let's see what happens...
  9. You guys have a huge collection! Me... Official: TSRTS TSRTS extended (the one with two dvd's) Led Zeppelin DVD Unofficial Earl's Court 24th May '75 LZ Kingdom Come (Seattle 1977) O2 2007 Jimmy Page and Robert Plant live in Milwaukee 1995
  10. Hats off to Roy Harper (too squeaky) Fool in the rain
  11. I believe he probably is. When I sing, people tell me that they didn't expect me to have that voice, so this could be the same situation
  12. Oh my god... Jimmy looks terrible I'm sure more than ever... just look at his neck
  13. Maybe... Connie Hamzy, a groupie http://s11.allstarpi...3qe93j810yj.jpg http://s11.allstarpics.net/images/orig/o/e/oecfz110b22r2br1.jpg at least in both photos have some resemblance... (with more pounds) If it's true... Jimmy, Jimmy... (read her bio..)
  14. Having a tea and talking with my grandpa, who this month will be 90, and see how he keeps a good health. He has an awesome memory and it's beautiful to hear from time to time his old stories
  15. Please, forgive me for doing this I found a purple velvet blazer in home and inmediatly though about Jimmy. This is the result of this kind of silly moments. By the moment I'm too shy to show all my face
  16. Les Paul doesn't appear to me now... 8/12/2011 So relaxing with the music
  17. Finally updated! On this day… 04 Aug 1986 I played the Heartbreak Hotel in San Antonio, Ibiza with Safe Sex Record exec and pal Phil Carson had a club in San Antonio, Ibiza named the 'Heartbreak Hotel' and he gave me the opportunity to do a set which included Mike Thompson on vocals, Dennis De Bass on bass and Jason Bonham on drums. I named the band Safe Sex because it was sexy but it wasn't that safe! And it was Ibiza! Unfortunately, Heartbreak Hotel was so new to the San Antonio area, that the lonely street had not yet appeared on any maps and the club was operating without a working telephone. Even still, the club was full and we had a blast. Jason and I were to team up two years later for my Outrider project. SETLIST 1. I JUST WANNA MAKE LOVE TO YOU 2. TABACCO ROAD 3. INSTRUMENTAL 4. BABY PLEASE DON'T GO 5. WHITE SUMMER 6. LUCILLE 7. HEARTBREAK HOTEL 8. MONEY
  18. My random facts: 1. Music is the thing that moves my life. I'm always listening at it. Making it is my biggest passion. Sometimes I think I'm a bit obsessed, but that is the thing that makes my life better by far 2. I studied Laws degree when I started university, but I found it very difficult and demotivating, so changed to Philologics and found my real vocation 3. I don't watch TV. Only the Simpsons when I can 4. I want to do lots of things I like but I don't spend time and energies enough to be really good at them. Music, dance, painting, etc... I would have three or four lives and I'd spent each one to one occupation. But that's not possible 5. I have times in my life that my mood changes frequently because of little things like the weather, and I hate that. 6. I'm more sensitive than people thinks, but I've always tried to hide it 7. I love horses 8. I don't like my voice when I talk, but I like it when I sing. It's strange, I know haha 9. I absolutely love dark hair. In men, in women; it attracts me so much. Yes, a silly obsession 10. I have always had problems with my sleeping habits. It takes so long for me to sleep when I'm in bed except when I am really tired. My poor mother suffered it when I was a child, she always fell asleep before me, and I was with my eyes like this
  19. Thank you so much for the compilation of the information! I've been abroad a week and I had nightmares about loosing the material
  20. Thank you so much. You make possible that young people could be in your skin in that year for a moment. It's awesome
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