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  1. Not sure how they make the sound, but I got something similar by manipulating a delay pedal. Don't think it has anything to do with moving Plant from opening the album. It's just a cool sound. Wouldn't put too much weight into something you read in Hammer of the Gods. I'm sure there are some facts there, but there's also quite a bit of sensationalism.
  2. They all pulled their fair share of weight, but Page is clearly the leader, in all aspects. Did the majority of the songwriting, had the vision for the direction of the band, selected the players, was a relative taskmaster in the studio and live. Just watching them play live it's obvious. Page is constantly giving little looks and gestures during the improvisations. He simply does what the leader does.
  3. ^I think it's both. Obviously, Tool has a modern heaviness that Zep never approached, but there are definitely times where they are playing distinctly Zep inspired parts. They must use similar scales and keys on certain things. Also, I don't think there are two uber-successful bands that use dynamics and tension building in a more similar fashion.
  4. Are you running your effects in the effects loop of the amp? If so try running them straight into the front, particularly anything that's meant to help hit the front end of the amp hard like a treble booster or overdrive pedal. I run my wah out front, but that's more personal choice. Page wasn't really known for many pedals, outside of a Tonebender early on and wah pedal throughout. You should be able to get some good Page tones, but you're gonna have to crank pretty loud to get the kinda saturation he would get.
  5. Hiwatt Little Rig has the potential to be mindblowing. Little J for Page tones. Little P for Pete tones. and Little D for Gilmour tones.
  6. I've been hearing them called "Yankees west" quite a bit the past 2 season. On talent alone, that team should be unbeatable, but that is almost never the case in baseball. Hope the young guys can come through for the Cardinals this year. Their pitching could be even better, getting Garcia back, adding Wacha and another year of experience to their young stable. Feel like they have enough pitchers to keep the young guys fresh and with Matheny and Molina running the staff, I'm not too concerned. Tavares will need to be a ROY candidate and Adams will need to show that he deserves to be
  7. I always thought that playing the 17th fret b and e strings, and bending and releasing the b string.
  8. Tangerine solo sounds like it could be and obviously the steel bits during the chorus. I don't hear any slide in Ten Years Gone.
  9. If people think that, it's because of their ignorance on the matter. Not to downplay the importance of Flea or Chad Smith, in a band so locked into a groove, but Frusciante was the sonic architect upon his return with Californication. I don't think Frusciante would be up for something like IMGL, but he was be a good candidate otherwise. I think the makes wanted guitarist that put a big sonic stamp on their bands and big creative forces in those bands. They all have a way of being rooted in basic rock and roll and it's simplicity, but approaching it with an eye to the future, each to va
  10. I've never heard anybody cite Robert Plant's solo material as an influence. What an absurd article. The writer sounds like jaded 80s rocker. Grunge didn't eschew musicianship, it put feeling back into music after it had gradually become a sport. Plenty of "grunge" bands have musicianship on par with any of the bands named in that article.
  11. Deep Purple belongs. Would I put them up with Zep's or Pink Floyds? No, but 99.9% of the bands that are ever gonna get inducted don't belong with them either. In my mind there are two schools of heavy metal...Black Sabbath founded one and Deep Purple founded the other. Kiss is responsible for more people picking up an electric guitar, short of the Beatles, but Smoke On the Water is likely the first thing they played. I visited the RnR Hall of Fame a few years ago and despite them stretching the term "rock and roll" to a broader style of music than is reasonable, there wasn't a band or
  12. I think Zep has much better riffs, b/c they go at it alot of different ways. ACDC actually used very few power chords for their riffing, but you're sure to get a heavy dose of huge open position chords.
  13. Books...read them after the first movie came out and I think that really enhanced the books for me, being able to see alot of the characters in my head. None of the movies since the first one has been as strong, imo. Would've love for them to show the "Scouring of the Shire" in the movie, but that would've made it another hour. I don't think first Hobbit movie was horrible, but they've already had to change/add quite a bit to stretch it to 3 movies.
  14. Or take away stuff like We're Gonna Groove, Travelling Riverside Blues and I Can't Quit You Babe(Coda), where the recording was taken from a live show? 86 tracks with studio treatment that appear on albums, boxed sets or as b-sides by my count. 81 tracks on the studio albums+HHWCID, Baby Come On Home, Travelling Riverside Blues, White Summer/Black Mountainside, Moby Dick/Bonzo's Montreux.
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