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  1. ^I think it's both. Obviously, Tool has a modern heaviness that Zep never approached, but there are definitely times where they are playing distinctly Zep inspired parts. They must use similar scales and keys on certain things. Also, I don't think there are two uber-successful bands that use dynamics and tension building in a more similar fashion.
  2. The DSOTM episode was pretty good, I just think it's in the minority for that series. There are a couple others that are pretty good, but so many others that are pretty much a few segments where they isolate a few tracks and don't offer much in the way of actual info.
  3. I hope they stay away from that particular series. There's a couple that are pretty cool, but most of them are kinda worthless as what went into making the albums. I'd much prefer, if Page ever did it, that he keep it pretty well in house ala the Wish You Were Here or Quadrophenia docs from the last year or 2. As for George Martin... I think he's overrated. Great producer no doubt, but I give more kudos to Geoff Emerick as far as getting all those interesting new sounds.
  4. Probably my #1 and 2 bands. I prefer Live at Pompeii. Just cool to see them in that element. If you could see the entire Zep performances without the fantasy sequences it would probably win out. Would really love to see the playing on No Quarter and TSTRS/RS
  5. 12 string neck for TSRTS, 6 string neck for Rain Song. Me and my buddy kinda assumed that's why they didn't segue into into it, but then wondered how they did it in the old days. First viewing of Celebration Day gave us the answer. Per the op, I think the Les Paul and the downtuning added alot to Kashmir, just really crushing. No idea which guitar he's used on it through the years, but I've always liked the heavier versions. I was surprised to see him use the Transperformance gizmo to switch to an open tuning during Whole Lotta Love. Cool touch though.
  6. Those guys are better technically, without question, but they don't have the individual style or the creativity that Page or alot of other older guitarists have. You also have to take into account the evolution of guitarists. Neither of those guys was the first to do anything. Earlier guitarists were much more self reliant on coming up with different techniques and sounds.
  7. The first album is pretty great. I dig STP quite a bit as well, but the second went too far in that direction and didn't play towards Slash's strengths.
  8. I think if you tally up skill, originality, range, and influence, he's the best.
  9. Ten Years Gone was the cream Strat that JPJ returned to him during O2 rehearsals.
  10. I wouldn't mind watching the Eagles truck through their radio classics, but James' Gang in a small place sounds much cooler.
  11. Nice review. Pretty solid album, but it's gonna have a hard time knockin MMJ off the top for best of 2011. Not gettin why One Sunday Morning is getting so much love though. It's about 8 minutes too long to me.
  12. Hells YEAH!!!! Love that tune. Really I'm hopin for this but really this
  13. http://www.tristateindie.com/?p=23470 Stream it tomorrow
  14. Definitely pumped for that aspect of it. I was hoping for tix on his side and the first ones to pop up were, so I snagged them. Others had some good luck with waitin around, but I wasn't gonna chance moving a row or 2 up if somethin was gonna be in my way. Watching the pros up close is so different. Show wise I don't usually care where I sit, but it's cool to be close enough to pick up a few playing tricks from some one as masterful as Nels Cline.
  15. Scored 5th rowfor the St Louis show in the presale yesterday.
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