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  1. Gone into retirement now due to a few minor health issues, so now a lady of leisure.(I use the term Lady loosely lol)
  2. Cheers chillumpuffer, number 26 comes along in November lol
  3. Just been made a Great Auntie for the 25th time.so proud of my Niece enduring 50+ hours of Labour, to produce a Beautiful 6lb Baby Girl x
  4. Sugar does not cause Diabetes. Nothing you do can prevent type 1 Diabetes,type 2 on the other hand can be prevented/managed by maintaining a health weight and exercise
  5. Sad to see poor Debbie Reynolds in Hospital, suspected stroke....
  6. Richard Adams...watership Down Author....r.I.p
  7. Apology accepted Kiwi x I understand that people get carried away with themselves and press that button without thinking, I'm married to a Keyboard Warrior. Weather in Swadlincote this morning light ground frost and chilly
  8. Maybe you two should keep your Insults of a Grand Lady to yourselves or by pm. She is neither a wind bag or a sponger. Try reading up on Crown Estates.
  9. Yet another Great Comedian Victoria Wood, aged 62 R.I.P
  10. R.I.P. Maurice White (earth, wind,&fire)
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