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  1. Hi Steve. Always appreciate your work. Please could you send me a link?
  2. Hi Steve. Can I get a link, please? Thanks in advance.
  3. I'd also very much appreciate being able to listen to this show! Could someone show an available dl link, please? Thank you!
  4. Ok. Who is the most insincere, then, would you tell me? Jimmy Page, when desperately seeking to keep up appearances facing Robert's wild defection, or Robert Plant when he talks about Led Zeppelin becoming a cabaret thing? Was ever the O2 show looking like a cabaret thing, for God's sake! Open your eyes, Nicholas.
  5. Ah ah ah! Unrealistic. Robert Plant doesn't drive Japanese cars, and openworks of his shirt were on the front, not on the back.
  6. Good point. Not completely accurate though: Universal Japan has released a John Paul Jones live set, Guitar Wars, in 2004. Even if it's a short set and the bill is a collective one, the show is amazing. https://www.discogs.com/fr/Steve-Hackett-John-Paul-Jones-Paul-Gilbert-Nuno-Bettencourt-With-Roger-King-Pat-Mastelotto-Mike-Szut/release/7081323 There's also the Page & Plant DVD from Paris Amnesty show in 1998 which has been officially released. Short set, but superb playing.
  7. I see things this way: Jimmy doesn't know if it will happen or not. Because he is dependent on Robert's will of recording new music with him to see it happen. So he's only able to hope for Robert's future change of view. That's why he's ever playing for time.
  8. Well, we have some clues. There's the song "Save Me" which is featured on the second Black Country Communion album. If I remember it well, Jason has said this composition has been originally written with Jones and Page during the aborted post-O2 sessions. Hearing the song's strong leaning towards Led Zeppelin's style, it's very plausible. There's also the Jimmy Page acoustic sequence at the end of It Might Get Loud. Or more accurately, the sequence belongs to the film's bonus scenes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQCv6jmv-EU The right time to expose new music is when Robert agrees on singing on it, I guess.
  9. I've always thought it was pretty unfair to blame Jimmy for his musical inactivity, because he's NOT responsible for that fact in the first place. Jimmy originally wanted to carry on with Robert after the 02 show, as were Jason and John Paul. It was pretty clear there would have been more LZ shows, but ALSO NEW music along the way, if they didn't broke up just after the one-shot London 2007 gig. You can't always blame Jimmy if he wants the best for his music vocally. And the best is Robert Plant. As simple as that. As long as Robert will not agree to write new musical compositions with Jimmy, or as long as Robert will prefer to postpone his future collaboration for some reason, Jimmy Page will set aside his new music (which does already exists) for the right time to be exposed. Jimmy is so cautious and wise to not compromise these tenuous chances of future P&P(+) collaboration, he will NEVER drop the bucket on Robert for his forced inactivity. I suspect Robert perfectly knows every bit and angle of this arcane human alchemy. And he plays with it, for years and years, now.
  10. Interesting topic. Does someone know here if the illustration has been specially designed and drawn for the inner sleeve or if it's a rehash of a drawing preexisting to the record?
  11. 92% here. I missed 1 question (the last one).
  12. Hmm, do you remember the shooting scene featuring Cole and Grant from the beginning of the movie, The Song Remains The Same? Do you recall what happens to the dive guys playing some sort of strange, twisted Monopoly, complete with skull, watchtowers and swastika envelopes?
  13. Thank you Zephead for the dedication you put in gathering all different sources! 1977 belongs to Zep live history. You can say whatever you want about it, there's still irresistible musical moments all through the tour. Great!
  14. Not so sure about that. Jimmy has recently said there will be all kind of LZ official releases over a period of ten years time. And I tend to think it's true. Why ? Because like all of us he's not eternal, and I guess he very probably prefers to be able to oversee and control these releases while he's still alive and has the power to do so. Sense of duty in view of Led Zeppelin's recorded body of work.
  15. Your Time Is Gonna Come The Lemon Song That's The Way Stairway To Heaven The Song Remains The Same No Quarter Kashmir Achilles Last Stand Carouselambra Wearing & Tearing
  16. Yep. This fact is also reported in the pages of Barney Hoskyns book. This is Keith Richards who is responsible for having turned Jimmy into an heroin addict. Pure felony. Richards the bastard.
  17. Or perhaps it would be better if Jimmy Page said plainly his truth, namely he doesn't want another singer on his new or past material. That's the main reason why ten years ago they didn't carry on after the 02 show, after all. They were right. But by saying so Jimmy would transfer considerable pressure upon Robert's shoulders (it's already there). So it's obvious in my mind Jimmy doesn't want to alienate his relationship to Robert. Preferring keeping it to himself. At his own risk of looking like someone who is not reliable. Which is simply not the case. There's a sacrificial aspect to that in my eyes. And the proof of an enlightened wisdom.
  18. Tired of reading those kind of ever-present comments. Completely lacks of sensibility imho. Percy can always declare in the press he's not his brother's keeper, I think it's quite clear in Jimmy's mind and for everyone lucid enough nothing equals Robert's voice and presence alongside Jimmy's guitar. Jimmy wants the best for his music and the best IS Robert Plant. Period. So better nothing than anything else. The equation is quite simple. For lack of being blissful. We're not in the eighties or in the nineties anymore. The tribulations can't be the same.
  19. There's an online paper about the Bath 1970 unearthed film here: http://teamrock.com/feature/2017-07-19/getting-the-inside-story-behind-led-zeppelins-lost-film Unseen film of Led Zeppelin playing at the 1970 Bath Festival – thrown away nearly 50 years ago, and widely thought to be lost – has been unearthed in a British university film archive. Experts are now hoping to digitally restore the footage, and it’s hoped that it will be released to mark the 50th anniversary of what is widely considered to be one of the most important performances of the band’s career. The 1970 Bath Festival Of Blues And Progressive Music (which took place not in Bath, but close by in Shepton Mallet) was a two-day event featuring Zeppelin, who headlined the Saturday, Pink Floyd, The Byrds, Santana, Johnny Winter, Canned Heat and many more. Does anyone has access to the remaining article, please?
  20. There's a new Black Country Communion album to be recorded and released in the near future. So Jason will be involved in composing new music soon. He has expressed the need to go back to writing's work.
  21. Not so sure about the healthy aspect : according to what's reported in Barney Hoskyns's book, Trampled Underfooot, this is Keith Richards who introduced Jimmy Page to the use of heroin. I can't stand KR, personally. For some reason, I think he played a pivotal role in the demise of Led Zeppelin.
  22. I'm with you. Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd were ahead of their time, there is a visionary dimension in their work. Not the case with the Rolling Stones which were a byproduct of their era.
  23. And now Ladies and Gentlemen, the question that kills : if Plant hadn't vetoed the post O2 project (new album and tour), do you still think Page would have considered relevant to immerse himself in this extended campaign ? I don't think so. They'd have known better things to do. For me, Page has lost his beautiful focus on action along the way with this project coming to reality. But I don't blame him at all. Because what he had in mind for his band in 2008 and so on was a total different beast that what we have now. So by deciding to remaster all the studio catalogue one more time, Page has made a choice by default. That's a problem when you try to think in terms of idealistic art direction.
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