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  1. RIP, Gary. You gonna be missed, man!
  2. Metal Church - The Human Factor. What a kick a$$ album!
  3. Things I dislike in my country (Brazil); Corruption Some of the music done here (like axé music, pop samba stuff and the country music as well)
  4. That was a cool thing that you did there. Really!
  5. Again Presence got my vote here.
  6. Presence by far. Then III, IV, II and the debut.
  7. Van Halen comes to my mind as well. Dave would provide all the lyrics and vocal melodies. Edward would come up with the riffs and sometimes the whole tune. Alex would help his brother structuring the song (sometimes with Dave). Mike would add ... humm ... nothing, but his powerful backing vocals.
  8. Lemmy & Co will be playing in my hometown next April, the 22th. Can't wait to see them live for the 1st time!
  9. Maybe a guilty pleasure of mine, but I enjoy Katy and some of her tunes (including I Kissed a Girl...).
  10. Some cool pics for some cool musical instruments everyone! BTW, me and my old Pearl Export.
  11. My cousin Raphael, my brother Mateus, me and my daughter in an Aero show in the city we all live (year 2000).
  12. 1st musical instrument? It was an acoustic guitar that my father bought to me when I was maybe 12/13 years old. But my father didn't have the patience to wait me finding a teacher and he sold it a few months later. So, I had to start working in order to save some money to buy my 1st drum kit.
  13. My son's pet - her name is Boogie. And she's damn nice!
  14. Metal Church - Metal Church Led Zep - III Accept - Restless & Wild
  15. Here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1159453/The-unseen-pictures-Rolling-Stones--drugs-women-left-mark.html Hopefully it will work this time. Some killer shots, btw!
  16. Christmas time needs to be celebrated with John Lennon's Xmas Song (War is over) and Dean Martin's version for Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
  17. I like Van Halen's versions to You Really Got Me, You're No Good and Where Have All The Good Times Gone! more than the original ones. Even Van Hagar covering Won't Get Fooled Again sounds really great.
  18. Thanks for the link. Some of these tunes are pretty much known by the VH die-hard fans. And Hagar once again butchered a CVH gem by singing Unchained.
  19. Van Halen II - Van Halen Presence - Led Zep Rocks - Aerosmith
  20. 10 essential Hard Rock albums? Tough job there. But let me see; 1 - Women & Children 1st - Van Halen 2 - Presence - Led Zep 3 - High'n'Dry - Def Lep 4 - Flick of the Switch - AC/DC 5 - Riverdogs - Riverdogs 6 - The Game - Queen 7 - Sabotage - The Sabs 8 - Rocks - Aerosmith 9 - Quadrophenia - The Who 10 - Are You Experienced? - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
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