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  1. It would be very sad if Bonzo's heart wouldn't be revived after he was born!

    When I visited the graveyard where Bonzo is buried, I wrote in the visitors book in the church: Thanks for the heartbeat of Led Zeppelin-it goes on!!

    So the whole story about his heart stopping means something special to me, because I wrote in that bbook, that his heart is actually still beating in all those Led Zeppelin songs!!

    That was a cool thing that you did there. Really! ;)

  2. 1st musical instrument? It was an acoustic guitar that my father bought to me when I was maybe 12/13 years old.

    But my father didn't have the patience to wait me finding a teacher and he sold it a few months later. So, I had to start working in order to save some money to buy my 1st drum kit.

  3. 10 essential Hard Rock albums? Tough job there. But let me see;

    1 - Women & Children 1st - Van Halen

    2 - Presence - Led Zep

    3 - High'n'Dry - Def Lep

    4 - Flick of the Switch - AC/DC

    5 - Riverdogs - Riverdogs

    6 - The Game - Queen

    7 - Sabotage - The Sabs

    8 - Rocks - Aerosmith

    9 - Quadrophenia - The Who

    10 - Are You Experienced? - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

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