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  1. Here is a link to the suit Page never wore and is at Victoria & Albert http://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/O163738/theatre-costume/ And here is another link to another LZ board where they have a wardrobe thread One of the people commenting on there was a guy that worked for Show Co http://www.royal-orleans.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=17273#p280532
  2. this is a great thread her is aseveral clips i found on youtube 1st clip Rush meets Jimmy and Robert http://youtu.be/upL9LJonoLg here is Petes take there are several clips http://youtu.be/i9TeWRrb1Bc listen at 4:34 mark Pete talks about Jimmy playing with BC and his back problems http://youtu.be/EAYwnEm3Q-8 Robert Plant and Roger Daltrey back stage http://youtu.be/69Lol30Y_GI Bill Ward on Jimmy at 3:40 mark http://youtu.be/-mqi54TzuOg Paul Stanley on Led Zeppelin http://youtu.be/0XWIJ1RvdBw
  3. has any one seen this http://youtu.be/Y-W-G5txkbw its from the same show
  4. Well for the Beatles I don’t think Paul would have sold his music to make the games but Sony controls most of that and I read somewhere that to make the games they needed jimmy to hand over the masters so they could create the game and that right there was a big No for Jimmy
  5. Wow that is sooo good I love this concert the only down side is it make you want more Anyways thanks for getting this up and posted
  6. I registered a long time ago and had to redo it for some reason it wasn’t letting me log in also the print seems hard to read with the dark back ground and lettering
  7. Congratulations look forward to many more projects
  8. Thanks for getting this out the Bath festival has been legendary ever since I started collecting back in the late 70s and please don’t let negative comments keep you from sharing
  9. Thanx Dan, and thanx for listening in


  10. love your yout tube page it rocks love the fact you have whole concerts it keeps me going all dat at work

    Thank you so much for your time that you put into it


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