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  1. For years all I thought led zeppelin had done was whole lotta love, which I didn't really like at the time. I was kind of musically clueless in my teens being a huge beatles fan at the time. Then one day I was listening to KTIM in the SF bay area and they starting playing kashmir. I was blown away. Who does that? I wondered. I soon found out and bought physical graffiti. I think I wore out the grooves on that album and was hooked ever since. I eventually bought all their studio releases up until 1979's in through the out door. I never got to see them play unfortunately missing their 1977 North American tour that featured the Bill Graham pummeling. After that things kind of went downhill for the band and they never toured north America again
  2. From the moment I first became a fan, back in 1975 to the present day I have thought Led Zeppelin to be in a league of their own. I am still amazed at the their range and the emotive power of their music. I'd have to say half of this is due to their creative song writing talents and the other half is due to the execution, the way those guys play. The execution is important. Have you ever heard the yardbirds version of dazed and confused with their singer trying to manage jimmy's song? It's just terrible by comparison. Eric Relf stands there like a frozen statue and there is no emotion or vocal range whatsoever. Thank God they found Robert. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5Recd6Us9g There are other bands that have had good albums that approach some of led zeppelins work. One could look at the Beatles Abbey road, Who's next or Pink Floyd's dark side of the moon. But even their best work maybe reaches the level of the weakest led zeppelin album, say in through the out door or led zeppelin 1.
  3. This changes for me from year to year but here goes. 1) Ten Years Gone 2) When the Levee breaks 3) Night Flight 4) In the Light 5) Ramble On 6) In my Time of Dying 7) Achilles Last Stand 8) Good Times Bad Times 9) Fool in the Rain 10) Nobody's Fault but Mine
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