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  1. Yea I've seen that video, all that stuff was put on in the 80's. As far as the thin and clean sound, yes, when you roll back the guitar volume it cleans up and it does get very thin sounding especially on the bridge pickup. Jimmy used his guitar volume to control the gain and saturation so depending on how loud he was you would get different tones. his hiwatt was a 50 watt so that would break up differently than a 100 watt head, plus it had a hotter gain output. Also Jimmy used the Tonebender up until 71 so that is another reason you might be hearing a cleaner sound.
  2. I think everyone says for certain who played on this, except Donovan, who seems to be the only one who changes his story. Jimmy has said a million times it wasn't him and that it was Alan Parker as well as everyone else who was there. I don't see any argument on this one, it seems like a closed case. Jimmy has even said he was in the states with Jerry Wexler when he first heard the rumor. I think a lot of people want certain things to be true but everything points to Alan Parker on this one.
  3. Donovan also said Allan Holdsworth played on it so I wouldn't trust much of what he says. John Paul Jones, Page and Clem Cattini (drummer on Hurdy Gurdy Man) all say it was Alan Parker.
  4. I think what is confusing is that number one, it sounds like Jimmy's tone and number two Jimmy did play on the sessions for this album, however, it was the 67 sessions, not april 68. So when everyone says it was him, well he was there, just not on this song or this session.
  5. I found more information after my last post that should end the debate, Jimmy himself says it's Alan Parker. The story goes is that they had Jeff beck play it and didn't like Beck's take so they asked for Jimmy who wasn't available so they had Alan Parker do it. Just 3 days before the song was recorded Jimmy was in the states on tour with the Yardbirds too so I think that pretty much sums it up.
  6. I would say this is 100% not Jimmy. It doesn't sound like his phrasing at all. The only reason this might sound like Jimmy is because it is almost certainly a Sola Sound Tonebender and more than likely it is a Telecaster, which is strongly related to Jimmy during this time and the first Zeppelin album, however, Alan Parker, who is claimed to be the actual guitarist on this song, also played a tele around this time and also had a Tonebender that he used in the studio. Not only that but it sounds like his phrasing, not Page's.
  7. He never had push pulls during zeppelin. Also the earlier shows that you asked about he was using Hiwatt heads and the les paul he had during both eras, number one from Joe Walsh, had a different bridge pickup than what it had at the MSG shows. Sometime in May 72 the PAF was replaced with a T - Top.
  8. what happened with Eddie Kramer and the band?
  9. Any idea on this one? It's strung for a left hand player if you look close.
  10. Also, the mystery 77 guitar is not a Deluxe like the title of this topic says, it is clearly a 50's guitar making it impossible to be a deluxe.
  11. Here is a picture of the Norlin and what is probably the mystery 77 guitar sitting right beside it.
  12. Something to keep in mind, these are some of the last pictures of Jimmy with his Custom considering it would be stolen a week later. Also you can him using it for Dazed and Confused which I posted a few years back not knowing it belonged to this collection. I think he may have been having trouble with his Standard by one of the pictures and maybe that is why the Custom was being used. A bootleg recording of this show might reveal that.
  13. Some cool pictures I've never seen, apparently from Dorton arena, Raleigh, April 8th 1970 http://cartersxrd.net/Site/Performances/Pages/Led_Zeppelin.html#2
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