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  1. I have some info on a recording of the '71 show.
  2. The broadcast may not have happened but it's hard to think that there wouldn't be more of the show that was filmed. IMO they wouldn't have set up a 16mm camera at the side of the stage just for the fragment of film we have seen so far. That said, I am sure that the powers that be have already had the conversation with the TV station in Iceland way back in 2001/2. That said, there is more Tous En Scene footage in the archive but this didn't surface for the 2003 DVD. So it does make you think.
  3. Yes, those are the ones. Thanks for the reply - will keep an eye out for those and hopefully they'll turn up in the video section of this website.
  4. I was lucky enough to have seen the 8 or 9 video mix promos that were put together in support of the last 3 deluxe reissues, but I wondered if these will be made available for general viewing at some point? Thanks.
  5. Yes, I have the same version on a VHS. The guy narrating it mentions something about JP's bowing of the guitar as recall. It's likely that the vid-boot clip was lifted from a TV documentary broadcast.
  6. I'll pass on the 3 recordings of the shows to blockbuster who can upload some clips for everyone to see. Stay tuned.
  7. It is sometimes known as 'Unburied Dead Zeppo's Grave' for some reason.
  8. There would be no way of finding out if that is the case or not unless a band member revealed that information to a third party or came clean on the board. However, seeing as you have raised the subject......... Rock on! Jimmy
  9. Is the photo actually of them together, or has i been merged from two different performances? AFAIK they never jammed together in '84. Plant is definitely 1984, probably in Australia. He is wearing the same shirt and neck chain in this: Page looks like its circa 1984 as well due to the length of his hair. Is that a Strat he's playing?
  10. Recently updated You Tube channel with a new interview with Dave Lewis:- Channel:- http://www.youtube.c...=KnebworthTBL30 Interview:-
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