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  1. "Well I looked at the granite markers, Those tribute to finality - to eternity. And then I looked at myself here, Chicken scratching for my immortality..." Joni Mitchell

  2. A Beatles fan and a Zeppelin fan.....well you can't go wrong with those two! Great taste in music , Joe.

  3. Hi my good friend, stick around have a PM coming your way in a few minutes! Hope all is well :) missy

  4. Hi Deb, Is your message box full? I am trying to send a PM but it says no go. Hope you are having a good morning! missy

  5. Hi Deb, Is your message box full? I am trying to send a PM but it says no go. Hope you are having a good morning! missy

  6. Hi slave to zep, have a PM for you, but your box is full. Can you open a spot and I'll forward it? Happy Holidays! Missy

  7. Thank-you for the friend add. Hope to see you 'round the boards! ....:) missy

  8. Hi kiwi! Thanks for the info about the smileys and the "array" message. You could be right! I usually have problems whenever I hit the "use full editor" on 1st message that I initiate, but I'm on the case with your help. :) Hey, you have such a pretty border on your page here. How do you do that? Nice! ......Missy

  9. Hi John, hope you are enjoying the site. I see you are a Virgo Zephead like me! (but just made the cutoff there, lol) :) missy

  10. Hi cindy, Great to see you here. :) I have missed seeing you around here! Hope you post some too. I'm sending you a PM over on FB. Have a great weekend.......missy

  11. Great Kiwi! I'll check it out over on Y/T. Hey, did you get the "array error" when trying to type a brand new PM to me, or on the "add reply" to the one I sent? Am trying to do some detective work to let Sam know about this glitch, thanks for the info. :) missy

  12. Happy Birthday Deb!! You are a sweetheart and I hope every single birthday wish of yours comes true. Now, get on out there and celebrate good friend! :) ........Missy

  13. Hi Kiwi! How are you? It was great seeing you on the board today. I'll send you a PM so we can catch up! Have a great weekend. :) missy

  14. Happy Birthday Magic!! I hope your birthday wishes all come true and you have a terrific day. .......:) Missy

  15. Happy Birthday to one of the nicest, most knowledgeable members on this board. Hope you have a great day! ..........:) missy

  16. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day.... :) missy

  17. Hi Super Dave, I saw you live near the area Irene has her eye on....hoping you and your family will stay warm and safe. Keep us posted.....Missy

  18. Hi Deb! I'm trying to get a message to you but your inbox is full. Can you clear a message slot or your unread notifications so I can send please? Thanks! Missy

  19. Hi Jahfin, I'm trying to send you a message but it says you are unable to receive. Can you clear your notifications or make room for a new message? Thanks very much......Missy

  20. Hi cindy, how are you? Thanks for posting a zep quote on my page. I sent you a PM too. By the way, I'm still a jimmy girl, lol. :)

  21. **The Zep Select Quote for Today** So anytime somebody needs you, don't let them down, although it grieves you, Some day you'll need someone like they do, looking for what you knew.......

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    2. BlackDog71


      "Mellow is the man who knows what he's been missing

      Many many men can't see the open road."

    3. John1972


      Looks like I have my first friend!

    4. John1972


      Hey Missy, I hope all is well.

  22. Hello, and welcome to the site! Hope you have fun checking out all the threads around here, and don't forget the great photo section too. You can't have too many Jimmy pictures, lol. ............. :) missy

  23. Thanks for accepting the friend add. I thought your comments on Michael Lee were spot on. How lucky you saw him with Plant/Page! :) missy

  24. Hi Melanie! Thanks so much for the friend add. Hope you are having fun surfing the site. You have checked out the photo section for Jimmy, uh I mean the band, right?.... :) missy

  25. Nice to see someone else appreciates the value of vinyl. Those were the days. Welcome to the site..................:) missy

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