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  1. Just finished Nick Mason's book... Well worth a read if you like Floyd
  2. "Genesis. after Phil Collins quit, they pressed on. it wasn't even close to being the same band, let alone the original, yet they insisted it be called Genesis." Genesis. after Peter Gabriel quit, they pressed on. it wasn't even close to being the same band, let alone the original, yet they insisted it be called Genesis... Even though they couldn't find a singer!!! Or a proper drummer come to that!!!!!
  3. Got divorced to Jackson Brown's 'Running on Empty' if that's close
  4. In no particular order and avoiding like f*** Stairway to Barnsley... I knew Robert and I would agree on something Kashmir Immigrant Song Battle of Evermore When the Levvy Breaks Ramble On What is and what should never be Heartbreaker Dazed & Confused Moby Dick Communication Breakdown Rock and Roll Babe I'm gonna leave you Black Dog Your time is gonna come No Quarter Sorry couldn't get it down to 10
  5. My God I'm being stalked by the the Olipticle thingy
  6. Had 5 pints in the hotel b4 the gig and had 4 pints back at the hotel after the gig... ...During the gig... didn't move from my seat!
  7. Me an' the missus were there... Us an' a bunch o' crazy Dutch guys!
  8. "Didn't work: Good Times, Bad Times Ramble On TSRTS Those three that didn't work...I just didn't like the way they felt contextually in a lower register, especially TSRTS. I thought that was probably the only song that I felt should have been excluded (it sounded way too lethargic compared to the original). I think GTBT and Ramble On could be improved but probably shouldn't be next to each other." Thank God... ... I thought it was me!!! There I was sitting up in the gods next to my missus (Likes Zep... Not a fan..) and she's says to me 'What's this?' and for about the first minu
  9. One month... 6 days and 21 hours ago (not that I'm counting ) I was standing on Wakefield railway station arguing the toss with some snotty bint over the ticket machine not supplying me with the outbound tickets for the 11:34 train to London. Cost me an additional £280 for me an' my ol' lady to get to the gig!!! And do you know what the woman behind the glass said.... 'Is your journey really necessary?... you could always make a complaint and see if we can re-issue your tickets' One of those moments when you wish you had Uma THurman with you to administer the five point palm exploding
  10. And I'm telling you that Who isn't my favourite tribute band!!! Come on fella... never heard of play on words????
  11. Who isn't mine!!!..... In fact i didn't know the Who were a LZ tribute band!!!
  12. I first saw Whole Lotta Led at the New Rosco in Leeds about 5-6 years ago and they performed the whole of LZ4 and it was brilliant. However... ...I saw them at the Irish Centre, also Leeds last year and they were dreadful. I know the singer had major problems with his in-ear monitoring but that along with a change of personnel they just didn't seem as tight. Any way... theyr'e playing there again this Thursday and being a fair sort of chap I'll be there to see if they've improved...
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