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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. I rather be friends with Kiwi and Magic, thanks! Goodbye, mate! Please don't speak to me ever again, thanks.

  3. But only one of those clubs has also dominated EUROPEAN football during that time though hey?
  4. Living in the past? Always going back? The irony.
  5. LOL I'll take that as a grudging "congratulations". Thanks anyway. Now we'll see if the Aussie fans will still get behind their team like the Barmy Army consistently got behind England during the crap years.
  6. Not for me. I live on a small island that doesn't have any and I gave up private motor transport years ago.
  7. French Fries are actually.............Belgian.
  8. How did either the French or the British 'screw up' Canada? Canada is a great thriving first world country with plenty going for it and a great place to live. It's mostly uninhabited and much of it is still pristine wilderness with neither hide nor hair of much human activity. Much much better than the Spanish and Portuguese ex colonies in Central and South America.
  9. Great terrifying shark stories to read about while I'm tucked up in my cosey English bed.
  10. Lucy Lawless. I think she looks as good now as she ever did in Xena
  11. Did ya? Blimey. Are Ron and Val Taylor considered icons in Oz? If not they should be.
  12. Yeah well done England and hard luck Australia. Makes a bloody change to win the Ashes over there. It's been so long.
  13. Paul Hogan. Already been mentioned but I mean the Paul Hogan pre Crocodile Dundee when he had his t.v show with Strop and Delvene Delaney etc. Husband and wife underwater film makers Ron and Valerie Taylor: Stuntman Grant Page: AC/DC. Lots of sexy women, great beer and gorgeous beaches. If only it wasn't so hot. Down to earth blokes. Neighbours. Home and Away (yes I have watched them both since they first started in the 1980s). Emily Symons:
  14. It's not over 'till it's over, as the old saying goes.
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