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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. I rather be friends with Kiwi and Magic, thanks! Goodbye, mate! Please don't speak to me ever again, thanks.

  3. Howard Webb. Sends Gerrard off for that.......but strangely didn't give a red card in the World Cup Final for this: Guess Spain didn't bankroll him him like the Mancs do??? Muppet.
  4. Bullshite. Your jibes and Nazi connotations came almost immediately after I mentioned I like Germany and I am with a German woman. Deny it all you want. The facts say otherwise.
  5. But only one of those clubs has also dominated EUROPEAN football during that time though hey?
  6. Living in the past? Always going back? The irony.
  7. Lots. I don't know if you are old enough to remember. Probably not. He was roundly mocked for going there. How old were you then? If you 'remember' that then I would question your honesty. Doesn't change the facts. Kenny has a history of proving people wrong. Ironically when he hasn't done well it's been when he has been expected to do well. Go figure. Almost everyone outside side LFC is mocking him for going back to manage LFC. Despite a dodgy ref LFC still played better today than they ever would have under Woy.
  8. So speaks the woman who got uppity and threw her chairs out of the pram about a funny tongue in cheek picture?? Unbelievable. This forum is funny. So many crazy nutty hypocritical people. It's funny how I can be accused of being akin to a NAZI and yet you tell me to calm down....yet I post just a funny humourous picture and YOU have a temper tantrem. Why don't you wait and see until YOU are accussed of being akin to a NAZI and then come back to me. Until then, button it kid.
  9. LOL I'll take that as a grudging "congratulations". Thanks anyway. Now we'll see if the Aussie fans will still get behind their team like the Barmy Army consistently got behind England during the crap years.
  10. 1977. Kenny replacing Keegan at no 7? No way. Keegan was a legend. Liverpool are finished without Keegan. Dalglish won't do anything there as a player. 1985. Kenny as player manager? No good. It can't work. Rubbish. Dalglish won't do anything there as a player-manager. 1994. Kenny at Blackburn? Won't work. You can't buy the title. Dalglish won't do anything as a manager there.
  11. Not just 'big cats' (Tiger, Panther, Leopard, Lynx, Puma ) but also: Elefant = elephant Nashorn = rhino Hornisse/Hummel = hornet/bumble bee. Brumbaer = bear. Maus = mouse. The Jerries liked naming their AFVs after the animal world in general.
  13. I haven't confused anything with anything. Thank you for basically calling me a Nazi. I guess you got that from reading I have a German girlfriend. I don't know about your passport but I can certainly revoke your 'friendship' on this site. Bye
  14. So you are insulting all those who read the Daily Mail by questioning their intelligence? Yeah and I bet you aren't struggling in life and are on the breadline. You can even afford to be on the internet. You have not ONCE addressed my initial point and that was PEOPLE WHO WANT TO LEAVE THIS COUNTRY FOREVER AND NOT RETURN, USUALLY SLAGGING THIS COUNTRY OFF IN THE PROCESS. I have no problem with people who> 1) Want to travel. 2) Want to get a temp position overseas for a limited about of time and then eventually come back. I'm talking about the usual crybabies and
  15. Nope. No offence taken. My German missus loves England even more than me. Nothing sour about her at all. Very cheery chapess. No, only the parts that Heineken couldn't reach. Oh sorry Heineken was Dutch. Oooops. Germany is beautiful..........and unspolied by British and Scandinavian sunseekers. That's why we are both so similar. We both know we are great.
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