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  1. Howard Webb. Sends Gerrard off for that.......but strangely didn't give a red card in the World Cup Final for this: Guess Spain didn't bankroll him him like the Mancs do??? Muppet.
  2. Bullshite. Your jibes and Nazi connotations came almost immediately after I mentioned I like Germany and I am with a German woman. Deny it all you want. The facts say otherwise.
  3. But only one of those clubs has also dominated EUROPEAN football during that time though hey?
  4. Living in the past? Always going back? The irony.
  5. Lots. I don't know if you are old enough to remember. Probably not. He was roundly mocked for going there. How old were you then? If you 'remember' that then I would question your honesty. Doesn't change the facts. Kenny has a history of proving people wrong. Ironically when he hasn't done well it's been when he has been expected to do well. Go figure. Almost everyone outside side LFC is mocking him for going back to manage LFC. Despite a dodgy ref LFC still played better today than they ever would have under Woy.
  6. So speaks the woman who got uppity and threw her chairs out of the pram about a funny tongue in cheek picture?? Unbelievable. This forum is funny. So many crazy nutty hypocritical people. It's funny how I can be accused of being akin to a NAZI and yet you tell me to calm down....yet I post just a funny humourous picture and YOU have a temper tantrem. Why don't you wait and see until YOU are accussed of being akin to a NAZI and then come back to me. Until then, button it kid.
  7. LOL I'll take that as a grudging "congratulations". Thanks anyway. Now we'll see if the Aussie fans will still get behind their team like the Barmy Army consistently got behind England during the crap years.
  8. 1977. Kenny replacing Keegan at no 7? No way. Keegan was a legend. Liverpool are finished without Keegan. Dalglish won't do anything there as a player. 1985. Kenny as player manager? No good. It can't work. Rubbish. Dalglish won't do anything there as a player-manager. 1994. Kenny at Blackburn? Won't work. You can't buy the title. Dalglish won't do anything as a manager there.
  9. Not just 'big cats' (Tiger, Panther, Leopard, Lynx, Puma ) but also: Elefant = elephant Nashorn = rhino Hornisse/Hummel = hornet/bumble bee. Brumbaer = bear. Maus = mouse. The Jerries liked naming their AFVs after the animal world in general.
  11. I haven't confused anything with anything. Thank you for basically calling me a Nazi. I guess you got that from reading I have a German girlfriend. I don't know about your passport but I can certainly revoke your 'friendship' on this site. Bye
  12. So you are insulting all those who read the Daily Mail by questioning their intelligence? Yeah and I bet you aren't struggling in life and are on the breadline. You can even afford to be on the internet. You have not ONCE addressed my initial point and that was PEOPLE WHO WANT TO LEAVE THIS COUNTRY FOREVER AND NOT RETURN, USUALLY SLAGGING THIS COUNTRY OFF IN THE PROCESS. I have no problem with people who> 1) Want to travel. 2) Want to get a temp position overseas for a limited about of time and then eventually come back. I'm talking about the usual crybabies and wimps who complain "this country is going to the dogs"..."the crime rate is scaring me away"......"this country is in a mess".............."I can't get a job"...........and then want to fuck off and NEVER come back. Yeah so it can't be that bad then. Depends on if they are doing it as part of their career as a temporary move but with the intention of eventually going back to the country of their birth or if they are doing it because they are complaining and whinging about their country, slagging it off in the process and are doing it becuase they want to leave and never go back. I'll say it for the THIRD time. It all depends on the context. Why do I fucking bother? Nobody is understanding what I am saying, even though I have spelled it out clearly enough. I'M TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE WHO GIVE UP ON THEIR COUNTRY OF BIRTH AND FUCK OFF FOR GOOD. What part of that don't you people understand????????????????
  13. Nope. No offence taken. My German missus loves England even more than me. Nothing sour about her at all. Very cheery chapess. No, only the parts that Heineken couldn't reach. Oh sorry Heineken was Dutch. Oooops. Germany is beautiful..........and unspolied by British and Scandinavian sunseekers. That's why we are both so similar. We both know we are great.
  14. I'm not your brother so please refrain from calling me 'brother'. Good for you. The way you carry on here with your anger management issues, if you acted like that in 'real life' I doubt if anyone outside your neck of the woods would ever touch you with a bargepole, nevermind invite you to live in their country...........madam. You are almost permananetly pissed off. Maybe you could move to Pissedoffstantinople in Pissedoffistan? I guess. The names Mangani. James Mangani. You shouldn't copy the post before you. That's a bit pathetic.
  15. Whooosh don't know who Chip is. Sorry. Try again.
  16. Why would anyone SANE and knowing where he or she is at would actually WANT 'dual nationality? What kind of a schizophrenic would want to be a citizen of more than one country? Yep. I would do that. Cowards and wimps. Bye. Fuck off and don't let the door hit your arse on the way out. Don't come back. These people aren't leaving because bombs are going off and the country is about to be invaded by the Third Reich. These people are leaving because they have an "ickle bit of discomfort" and can't get the hordes of cash or permananent sunshine that they want. Awwwwwwwwwww diddums. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Please call me by the name Mangani, if you please. That's my username. And no I don't care for Orwell. Booooooooooooooooring. It's got nothing to do with being totalitarian at all. It's got everything to do with being narked at weeds, weaklings and crybabies who run away when the going gets an "ickle" bit discomforting. I'm glad they do bugger off. This country can do without crybabies and little weeds who run away at the first sign of a bit of discomfort (and I use that term very loosely). It's best to weed out the wimps, the whingers and the crybabies. As I said in another post, thanks cripes this country didn't have such cowards, weaklings and crybaby whingebags in WW2. Where the fuck would we have been THEN? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
  17. Planty has to keep on saying things like this because there are a lot of idiots out there who STILL don't get it.
  18. Not for me. I live on a small island that doesn't have any and I gave up private motor transport years ago.
  19. Thank you Germany for great women (I'm with one) great beer, great science and arts, things that run properly and gorgeous little towns and scenery. Germany is a wonderful and relatively unknown tourist destination that thankfully isn't spoiled by much outside tourism like many other places in Europe. Some of my favourite places in Germany: And yes the people are very friendly when you get to know them and they most certainly DO have a good sense of humour. The Germans are very much like the British with their love for football, beer and with being a warrior nation. I feel the Germans are closer to the British than say, the French or Spanish or Italians etc are.
  20. Exactly Reggie. If somebody moved from England to Australia with the intention of never returning to live in England then they should become Aussie citizens in time and have their British passport revoked. It wouldn't stop them from visiting Britain again because they would have an Aussie passport. It would just mean they wouldn't automatically have the right to return to live in Britain as and when they liked. In my opinion they gave up that right when they abandoned their country and ran away. I also dislike it when people move abroad with the intention of staying there permanently but yet don't want to become citizens of the country they have moved to and settled in. In my opnion that is an insult to the country that is now taking care of them. It works both ways with me.
  21. You've been reading the Daily Mail and broken Britain too much. Plenty of PhDs are in Britain and living happily in Britain. If they abandon their country and run away with the INTENTION OF NEVER COMING BACK (this is the important part which I'm not sure you are understanding) then yes they do deserve to have their passports taken away and if I had my way they would have their passports taken away. I call it treason. They want to move to another country for good, slagging this country off in the process? Fine, then they should become a citizen of that country they run away to. If somebody moves away from Britain with the determination to never come back to live here ever again (I know people who have done just that) then they are no longer British as far as I'm concerned. Screw 'em. Good thing the population of Britain didn't cry and run off somewhere else when the going got tough in WW2.
  22. You would eventually have British citizenship and a British passport if you married a British man and moved to Britain for good. You would therefore be able to 'travel' where you like, including back to the USA to visit your family. We do have passports in Britain too you know, silly. Maybe you weren't aware of that? Yep. You abandon your country then you deal with the consequences, if I had my way. That is if you planned on it being a permanent-rest-of-your-life-thing with no intention of ever going to live back in the USA. If you only planned on it being a temporary thing well that's different. Nope. Makes perfect sense to me. You abandon your country = you lose the right to be a citizen of that country.
  23. French Fries are actually.............Belgian.
  24. How did either the French or the British 'screw up' Canada? Canada is a great thriving first world country with plenty going for it and a great place to live. It's mostly uninhabited and much of it is still pristine wilderness with neither hide nor hair of much human activity. Much much better than the Spanish and Portuguese ex colonies in Central and South America.
  25. Yes it is straightforward in my opinion. England isn't a third world country with no jobs. If you leave this country with the intention to emigrate and never coming back (as some do) then I'm sorry but my opinion is that you have abandoned this country and therefore should have your passport revoked. If you want to return later then you should wait in the queue because (in my opinion) you have given up the right to be British and live in Britain when you buggered off for 'greener pastures'. I say the same thing to my German girlfriend who left Germany to come and live in England and has no intention of ever going back there to live. She actually agrees. If her passport was revoked she wouldn't care and wouldn't complain.
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