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  1. Your welcome! Yeah well for starters Squire basically said in so many words that Jimmy was an all around mess (lots of booze) while doing this. So its any wonder they managed to do anything all. I still think something special could have come out of it, alas I suppose we'll never know. :]
  2. Squire said it was what Page wanted to do and stated as much to them, but obviously he was still suffering the trauma of John Bonham's death to do much of anything at that point. Squire also said that Plant did in fact come in for rehearsals (one days worth), but told them he couldnt do progressive rock stuff, "Im a Rock singer!" was the reason he gave for bowing out so quickly. Squire found that ironic because he felt a lot of Plants later solo material had a more "progressive" direction than just Rock. To me its kind of funny that Page was the one, at that time, at least saying he wanted to
  3. Thanks for that info. Good news as well, I like BCC and this project sounds like it has a lot of potential to.
  4. This makes me wonder fate is in store for Jasons stint with Black Country Communion.
  5. I dont know if your still around Beresford but Im digging what Ive heard so far from Everything Everything. When I get the chance will listen to more. kinda "esoteric?" dunno if thats the right word but good either way.
  6. I ran into this project a few years back. For the longest time I had no idea that it even existed. It was a proposed project Jimmy Page put together with Chris Squire and Alan White of Yes in 1981 called XYZ. From the four songs I've heard this band had a lot of potential to be something very interesting. Unfortunatly it was scrapped before it got to far off the ground. I Also heard an interesting interview I believe Squire gave about the Project where he says Pages attitude was "He had moved on from Led Zeppelin (sound familier? lol)" and wanted to do something different. He also has some int
  7. I'm not here to trade insults with vulgar, insulting posters who are in a state of apathy concerning Led Zeppelin (or a new incarnation of it) and gleefully accept comparativly lousy side projects at a time when all Zepp fans could be enjoying incredible performances and music (as proven beyond doubt 2007). I'm here to point out that an incredible musical experience is missing at the present moment, and is deliberately being halted.
  8. What have I twisted? I've raised reasonable questions as to an obvious mis-communication between Plant and Page concerning further tours/music after the O2 show. Hell, even Jason Bonham stated that he expected they would do more as well as JPJ if Im not mistaken. Are we to believe they also were just wishful thinking to, or just ignoring Plant altogether like the above poster (and others) claim Jimmy did? Im sorry, that simply does not add up, not in the least. Something isnt jiving with such wildly divergent thoughts between three members against one, no matter what the one may have publicall
  9. Why? If your not interested in this topic you dont have to read it, or reply to it.
  10. They did discuss it, about a month or so later. Remember when the four of them meet at a hotel, and Page announced that a tour would have to wait until Plant wrapped up his gig with Krauss At least until sept? So obviously Plant didnt say NO at that meeting right? Unless you think Page just completely ignored what the Plant said, or is delusional.
  11. Ok so what your saying is that Jimmy Page, whos known Plant intimatly for over 40 years, litterally through life and death, has no more insight into the situation than some fan on the internet speculating? Seriously? You dont think he would know the difference between a situation where there is NO chance of a continuation and one where its quite possible? Whatever, keep rocking.
  12. What history do you speak of? Who said that? I know Plant has said that before about Jimmy, is that what you mean? Do you remember the Rolling Stone article (circa 1988) where Plant mentions his desire to one day make another go at Zeppelin (yep he actually said it, straight up)? Was he living in the past when he made that declaration? Or how about the several times Page said that if the three of them got back together for an album or tour they didnt necessarily have to call it Led Zeppelin? Or do you mean because he (Page) remasters a lot of the Led Zeppelin Cataloge hes living in the past?
  13. Oh your forgetting that your dealing with people here who have FAR more insight into what goes on behind the scenes than Jimmy Page could ever possibly hope to possess. How could he even remotly have had this crazy impression more might come out of it eh? OH I got it, hes like us Led Zeppelin fans who "cant let go of the past", yeah! he was just doing wishful thinking like us dopes do! (sarcasm) Makes me wonder, sure does.
  14. Im just stating what I remember being said in the interviews at the time. As mentioned its up to the fans to decide for themselves if they actually did or not. While IMO some of Page/Plant was interesting, I personally would rather listen to Presense or Led Zeppelin ll than either unleded or WIC anytime, but thats just me (Hard to evolve much more than what was done on Zeppelins work). :]
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